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Shopfronts and Aesthetics

Shopfronts and Aesthetics



    We often have to choose between beauty and purpose. If a particular commodity appeals to our senses, it does not deliver functionally and vice versa. But the times have arrived when you won’t have to sacrifice one for the other. You can have both the facilities at your disposal. The times have changed and so have our products. Our expert team has come up with solutions which suit your need for security and soothe your senses as well. Our latest range of security doors will leave you asking for more. In this case, there is absolutely no chance of foregoing one virtue for the sake of another. We provide the best security doors in London.

    Aesthetics and Security doors

    Contrary to the popular belief, security doors can offer security and aesthetics at the same time. Our recent installations prove the point. The doors have been designed for a residential purpose. The doors are very well suited to the aesthetic requirements of the residential area but don’t lag behind on the security front either.The door we are talking about has been installed at the entrance of a building which is a part of a housing association. The door has an electric strike to control its access.A mortise lock combination is also provided to grant extra security. In order to satisfy the regulations of the building association, an automatic closer was also provided. If you are looking for such options, contact us immediately for security doors installation. You will be happy with the choice you made.

    Timber doors and grace

    Timber doors and grace

    Unusual samples of Timber portcullis doors have been installed at various sites. You will be amazed at the striking combination of strength and aesthetics they symbolise. Some of them have been given a smooth white finish which stuns the people. The usual standard features were not given a miss though. The doors have been installed with a continuous hinge, magnets and a laminated glass. It has been ensured that it complies with the norms of the building.As a result, an automatic door closer has been attached to it.

    Repair and maintenance

    Anything that is used needs repair and maintenance over a period of time. Our team is at your disposal whenever you need security doors repair. Just call us right away.

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