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Security Shop Front Manufacturer – Technical Information

Security Shop Front Manufacturer – Technical Information


    Sometimes it becomes difficult to make your shopfronts that stand out in the business place among all other one. So, involuntarily people start choosing the best design for their shop front. But when we are more focusing on the designing of these shop fronts, we tend to miss out the most predominant feature of them which is its security feature. To cover the security characteristic, shopfront is what people lay their preference on.

    Shopfronts comes in different shapes and sizes and each provides strength according to the constituents they are made of.

    Transparent ShopFronts shutters

    Transparent roller shutters are considered as the best choice for the customers because these shutters not only provide security but also advertise your product out on the street of the market. There is no worry of intrusion if these kinds of shop front roller shutters are installed in your shop.

    Material, design, and Visibility

    The material of transparent roller shutter varies according to the demand of customers. Some shutters are made of aluminium or some are comprised of the polycarbonate material. Each material ensures the different amount of strength and thermal efficiency.

    If we talk about polycarbonate roller shutters then these shutters provide transparency about eighty percent, but don’t think of them in such a way if they are providing such visibility then there are chances of breaking out of burglars are more. Because this material also provides a great stiffness and strength like any other shop front roller shutter doors. To a lesser extent, customers make the demand of the 100% visibility of polycarbonate doors installed in their stores.

    View Guard Shop front shutters

    There is also a type of shop front shutter door which comes with the showcase of holes and goes by the name of view guard roller shutters.

    Material, design, and Visibility

    This kind of roller shutter usually comes up with aluminium material and does not require much shop front repair services. Customers who are much concerned about the matter of security makes the shutter doors installed in the double aluminium layer which creates more strength in the material and it saves from the risks of damaging and alteration of the shops caused by some intruders and burglars.

    The visibility through these Shopfronts is 70% as it is comprised of a hole like structure.

     Conventional Shop front shutters

    Many customers like to have conventional roller shutter in their shop fronts, as they are considered more coverable than any other glass pane shop front.

    Material, design, and Visibility

    These shop fronts come in different material such as aluminium, UPVC , and timber. The duration of these shutters varies according to their elements and constituents. The UPVC shop front roller shutter provides lesser transparency and is considered more efficient and secured. But UPVC doors are not considered much durable, unlike aluminium shutter doors. These conventional shop front roller shutters provide more coverage than any other polycarbonate doors.

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