Sectional Garage doors: how to install them?

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Sectional Garage doors: how to install them?

Sectional Garage doors: how to install them?


    Sectional Garage Doors are a rage these days as they double up your security as well as your peace of mind. It is one of the most used doors, along with automatic doors. Whatever you are looking for, whether sectional garage doors, toughened glass shopfronts or automatic doors in London, it is ADV all the way. . So give us a chance and don’t let the burglars take a chance at your premises.

    Installation of sectional doors

    Installation is not a very complicated job and it can easily be done by the homeowners if they wish to. Usually, the companies offer their manpower to do the same but if the homeowner wishes to do it himself, it’s completely acceptable. Some come with accessories, which may or may not be your priority.

    1. Check the measurements

    The first and foremost step is to have the exact idea of dimensions you want for your new door. Exact measurement will come when you measure them from inside frame to frame and top to bottom.

    2. Remove the old one

    Once the new door arrives, you will have to remove the old door. This can be done primarily by releasing the springs.The springs are released by rods in the torsion spring cone.One must use safety goggles while undertaking this procedure. Follow this by undoing the screws and loosening the springs. The door can be taken out once the springs have been loosened.

    3.Assemble the new one

    Attach the weather stripping once the old door has been removed. Follow this step by attaching the bottom bracket . Then attach the lift cable. Place the bottom level in sync with the studs on which the cables get attached. Secure it with some nails. Do the same with the second panel. Secure the panels in and lock them into their respective positions with their respective hinges. Repeat the process with the remaining panels. Install the rollers into hinges after all the panels have been put in place. Add the hinges to the center of each panel. Subsequently, place the locking mechanism.

    4. Look for the tracks

    Now is the time to attach the brackets to tracks.Be careful to position the outer edge of the upright track over the respective rollers. Place the track on the rollers. Secure the brackets by nailing them and drilling pilot holes.Screw them in position after this step. Now attach the ceiling joists to braces of angle iron. Attach the track in position using nuts and bolts.

    5.Torsion Spring Replacement

    Go through the steps you undertook for releasing the torsion spring in a reverse manner. This way you will be able to reattach the springs.

    Your replacement is now complete. The persons performing the operation must wear safety glasses and gloves. The floor beside the door must be debris free. It is also recommended that you keep several wood pieces of 2-4 foot nearby to support the door whenever necessary. They will prove helpful in bracing the doors whenever needed.

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