Roller shutters: What are the different types of roller shutters available for commercial and domestic purposes?

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Roller shutters: What are the different types of roller shutters available for commercial and domestic purposes?

Roller shutters: What are the different types of roller shutters available for commercial and domestic purposes?


    Everyone wants 24 *7 hours security. Every soul on this earth wants security. Do you lose sleep over your security issues? Is the security of your loved ones causing you insurmountable worry? Then you need the perfect security solution.  You can choose one based on your choice and preference. Be the smart one and keep your property and family free from the criminals lurking around in every corner of the city.

    Not only this, we have a steady team which is especially dedicated to providing 24*7 assistance to you. They are not only eager to give you assistance but also help in various aspects like installation, shutter repair maintenance, and after-sales service. You can also avail the facility of domestic roller shutter in London. Our emergency services ensure that you can get the roller shutter maintenance in emergency situations even at uncanny times like early morning or late night.

    Types of roller shutters

    1. Rolling doors

    These are garage type doors which can roll up or down. These face the exterior side of the building and are instrumental in keeping the external elements at bay. Choose from various models, which could be made of aluminum or steel. You can also choose from a variety of sizes depending on your needs. For an exact fit, don’t forget to measure it before placing an order.

    1. Rolling Grilles

    Rolling grilles are a variation over the rolling doors. While the rolling doors are solid shutters, rolling grilles are perforated. While rolling shutters are useful for both internal and external purposes, rolling grilles are used especially for external protection. Rolling grilles are mostly used for kitchens, malls, and pharmacies which are attached to the medicine shops. It is a tough ideal security solution if you want to keep an eye on the proceedings in the vicinity. It also lends the advantage of letting a sufficient amount of air and light into the building.

    1. Rolling Fire Doors

    These doors are built specially to counter fire issues. We know that fire is an emergency situation and it needs quick action to curtail it. Having a fire insulated roller shutter will be a blessing in buildings which are susceptible to fire because of the location or the nature of the business. Fire rated roller shutters are the ideal protection for fire-prone buildings. They come equipped with smoke sensors which enable the shutters to shut down immediately. It is really effective in keeping the fire limited to a certain area and also gives enough time to the people nearby to save them or call the fire services.

    1. Overhead Garage doors

    These doors are made especially for the garage openings. These are built with the auto garage designs in mind. They are like the ordinarily available garage doors but they are much sturdier and bigger. It offers ideal protection for your automobile.

    1. High-speed doors 

      These are used in the facilities which require high-speed opening and shutting facility. These are an ideal choice for clean rooms, food preservation depots, and cold storage, where the regulation of temperature is a primary prerequisite.

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