Roller shutters – how do they differ from sectional garage doors?

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Roller shutters – how do they differ from sectional garage doors?

Roller shutters – how do they differ from sectional garage doors?


    Roller shutters have become an important part of our lives. One can’t think of a secure environment without them. Panels in some options can be stacked internally or externally while some designs offer the option of doors sitting half in and half out. The doors with external stacking are a hot favorite as they don’t occupy much floor space. Some other features that are available are glazing, trickle ventilation, textured paint finish, cat flaps or marine environmental finishes which you can specify with the design of your choice.

    If you desire to get roller shutters installed at your premises, you should opt for ADV. We provide superior installation, repair and shutter maintenance services. But one needs to be careful when it comes to differentiating between sectional doors and roller shutters. We can take a look at the differences-

    Roller garage door is certainly a neat and compact option for fitting the structural garage openings. This is because these doors can be fitted to nearly every shape and size. You can have it open inside, in between or outside. This helps in providing a neat, compact style along with ease of operation.

    The sectional garage door

    On the other hand, the sectional garage door requires space in the interior part for the horizontal runners to keep operating smoothly.

    Both the doors operate vertically. In reality, the roller doors require a lot more headroom to adjust the curtain roll. But it is more often than not that the roller shutter doors are preferred over sectional doors. It seems it is only a matter of publicity. While the roller shutters are publicized, the sectional doors are not. Salesmen find it easier to install, repair and provide service for roller shutters. They are also priced reasonably and you will find that the roller shutter is the less expensive options.

    Areas of difference

    • Door designs

    The garage door comes only in 1 kind of design-horizontal slats. The slats may be different from different suppliers. But the sectional doors offer a variety of panel designs and colors. You could very well opt for wood grain, silk grain, deco grain, micro grain or metallic finish.

    • Colors

    While roller doors have a limited range of colors and laminates, sectional doors enjoy availability in many colors. Some trendy, metallic finishes can be seen in the sectional doors.

    • Material

    Roller doors are produced in two ways-one is the form in which foam filled aluminum slats are joined and attached to a profile at the top and the bottom. The other way is in a continuous steel curtain which means that it is a single sheet with horizontally ribbed profiles. The sheet can be rolled around itself.

    On the other hand, the sectional doors can be availed in both single and double skin form. The panels are also available in many materials-fiberglass, timber, and aluminum. You can opt for either according to your taste and requirement.

    • Size

    The minimum size of a roller garage door can have a limitation on maximum width, length, and height. But sectional doors can be made to fit the size of the aperture.

    Opening and shutting mechanism

    Roller garage doors are operated with the help of springs when they are operated manually. If they are operated electrically, a tube motor set is used. A sectional door uses a torsion spring for smooth operation. These springs may be positioned either at the back, front, top, bottom or either side of the door.

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