Why is it essential to ensure that the roller shutters are working properly?

Why is it essential to ensure that the roller shutters are working properly?

Why is it essential to ensure that the roller shutters are working properly?


If you have security shutters on your premises then you need to keep up with the maintenance. It means calling the professionals every few months will help the shutters to function smoothly. They will help you get the timely Roller shutter repair so that they last for a long time and they also help to ensure proper security at your place.

 Addressing the issues with roller shutters

One of the main issues is that if you are only relying on the shutters with a chain or padlock then someone can easily break into the premises. Additionally, if you are not regular with the upkeep of the shutters they can become vulnerable and someone can make your office or house an easy target to take the valuables.

So, you should not make such a mistake and do not leave the faulty shutters as a weak entry point of your premises.

 Get the shutters installed by professionals

Roller shutters need to be fit on the window or door frame properly. If you try to install the shutters on your own or do not hire the professionals then it can make someone enter your place easily.

So, to prevent such a situation you need to call the professionals and they will take the necessary measurements and make sure the shutters are fixed in the frame properly. Additionally, they will give you additional security measures like the installation of lockable bollards. These help in giving an extra line of security around the premises and the shutters won’t get damaged by the impact of any vehicle.

 Make the roller shutters properly secure

The roller shutters have a special type of lock which is known as bullet lock. When you buy a new place or you have bought a place on rent then it is important to have a security measure which stops the people from entering your place. This is where the roll-up shutters are a perfect choice.

At ADV, our team makes sure the shutters are manufactured with the quality material which helps to resist brute force attacks. The bullet lock in the shutters helps the shutter to function properly. At the time of installation, the team makes sure that the bullet lock is welded into the runner frame. This is a perfect way to ensure added security on your premises.

 Use of a ground lock system

The best way is to pair the shutters with the ground lock system. It contains a toughened plate that is properly fitted with the ground bolt and it is great to resist the force which is being put by the intruder. You can get the best security shutters from ADV no matter where you need to install them.

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