Roller shutters and their maintenance: Some preventive tips to make them last longer

Roller shutters and their maintenance: Some preventive tips to make them last longer

Roller shutters and their maintenance: Some preventive tips to make them last longer


Investing time, money, and effort in buying roller shutters is the best thing you can do to secure your building. But this is just the beginning. As is true for any other product, its true for shutters as well that they need maintenance and care to ensure that they last longer. ADV is there for your service 24*7 to offer not only installation and repair but help you with the maintenance issues as well.

Shutter repair services are provided by our special team dedicated especially to the purpose. You will never have to look high and low for repair of Roller shutter in London once you start your tryst with ADV as we offer the best service related to each and every aspect of shutters. So let’s take a tour of the preventive Maintenance tips-

  1. Keep an eye on the wear and tear

While the shutter may be running smoothly but it is crucial that you keep a check on the cables, rollers, door springs, and other hardware products which could give you major trouble if they are not in proper condition. If you handle the wear and tear on time, you will save up on a big problem later on. Make sure you keep a check on the electronic operators too.

  1. Look and hear

Looking and hearing are two important aspects you should not ignore while opening shutters. Look them up and down properly. Hear the sound with attention when you roll them up or down. An unusual sound may be the first indication of a technical glitch. Frequently check your equipment and don’t procrastinate routine checks on your equipment. An odd sound may be pointing to something more serious so contact a professional as soon as you hear something unusual. It will go a long way in protecting you from long term damage.

  1. Preventive maintenance

We offer a preventive maintenance program for all our esteemed customers. Definitely, you would want to get your equipment checked at least twice a year. For such checks, we have introduced the preventative maintenance program which enables the users to access professionals who are dedicated to the repair and maintenance of the roller shutters. Our team is especially on standby for emergency repair services so don’t hesitate to call us whether it is 2 a.m. or 11 p.m. We will right there for your assistance.

  1. ADV and its after sales service

ADV has been associated with roller shutter manufacturing, repair, and maintenance for decades. Our name is synonymous with the roller shutters. We know the troubles and the solutions which are associated with roller shutters. We also know how to install them in the most efficient way. Our expert team is capable of advising the customers on the upkeep and maintenance of the shutters.

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