Roller shutter: What are the various parts of the security roller shutters?

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Roller shutter: What are the various parts of the security roller shutters?

Roller shutter: What are the various parts of the security roller shutters?


    Roller shutters are the best choice when it comes to security and safety. Moreover, different parts which bind together the shutters are what change the entire work. This is the reason you have to always invest in the quality roller shutter which is manufactured by the best team of professionals. Be it installation or Roller shutter Repair in London do not try to get the shutters without making sure the team is using the industry standards or they have been doing this business for many years. Roller shutter installation is an ideal choice for the shopfronts, garage, warehouse, house extensions, schools, and many other places you can think of. Let’s talk you through the different parts of the roller shutter.

    • Roller shutter profile

    Roller shutters are made with aluminum foam and these have fitted slats that are 8mm and these are designed in the proper manner which makes them compact. In addition, the material comes with anti-corrosion material and it has anti-scratch properties which make it strong & durable. These are fitted inside each slat which makes it secure in every sense.

    • AC motors

    The tubular motors are the ones that have proven to be reliable and the quietest ones which have the proper history of motor manufacture and there comes the absolute premium which gives them a smooth and quiet finish.

    • Cast pelmet ends

    During the manufacturing, there is the installation of the cast aluminum pelmet which has a strong end, and then there is a ridged end that comes with extreme loads and provides the support of retracted roller shutter.

    • Aluminum pelmets

    The choice of high-quality with the high-grade is much lighter and these are even durable as compared to any other metal or even the color bond. These are best in terms of high corrosion and also offer the feature of a better insulator.

    • Aluminum axle

    The aluminum material is strong as you can get these in the best size and they have a span that can go up to 3200mm which makes the roller shutter secure.

    • Shutter guides

    The extruded aluminum comes with the anti-scratch p[roperty and with the right type of finish which adds the feature of extra strength and security in the roller shutter.

    • White rubber rings

    With the white rubber rings, the roller shutter will be prevented from getting in touch with the axle and the shutter paint will not be damaged.

    • Foam pad shutter rings

    Foam pad shutter rings are the best choice to prevent the metal from getting scraped against the shutters.

    • Sealed bearings

    Sealed bearings are used to give a minimum amount of roll resistance and this way they will provide a smooth operation.

    • Shutter locks

    One of the initial anti-lift locking systems is effective. Installation of these is going to prevent the intruders from getting inside the building as these are extremely difficult to break.

    • Shutter stops

    If there are no window sills then this is what will help to stop the shutters. It is a great choice in terms of aesthetics as compared to the traditional sill angles.

    If you have any special requirements, then get in touch with our team to get the final product as per your liking.

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