Roller Shutter: The New Domestic Must-Have

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Roller Shutter: The New Domestic Must-Have

Roller Shutter: The New Domestic Must-Have


    The versatile Roller Shutters

    It is common to see roller shutters at shop fronts. But recently, their usage has been extended to other areas as well. They are being commonly used at homes and for the hind end of the vans. Thus we can conclude that roller shutters find use at multiple places and for a wide variety of reasons. Contact our team for roller shutter installation.

    Roller Shutters: Security is not the only Forte

    Roller Shutters: Security is not the only Forte

    Although they build up a strong secure barrier between your property and the outlaws, it is a myth that can be used only for security. Although the shutters are used primarily for security by shopkeepers, the truth is that they offer a lot of other benefits which many people do not notice. Indeed, they offer protection but a lot more advantages come with it. Let’s take a look at what else they can actually do.


    1. Insulation from heat

    They offer excellent insulation. They are useful in keeping out the sweltering heat in summers and maintaining a cool temperature in the rooms. Conversely, it helps in keeping the cold out and conserving the heat inside the room in winters. The customers who use roller shutters have shown a considerable amount of reduction in their bill amounts. Installing a roller shutter can cause a reduction of over 30% in the bill amount. So roller shutters have a cost-cutting angle to it.


    1. Shield out the light

    The Roller shutters can shield out the harsh light during the peak hours and stream light when the rays are gentle. You can control the inflow of light by adjusting the slats which come attached with it. It can prove useful for homes as well as night shift workers who want to sleep during the day to get rest. This feature is a boon to people who are extremely sensitive to light.


    1. Adjustable Ventilation

    Even when you block away from the light, it doesn’t mean that your ventilation needs to suffer. By partially opening the shutters along with the windows, the owner can ensure good ventilation within the building while not compromising on the security. In case there is a problem with the shutters, contact our team for roller shutter repair


    1. Shunting out noise

    Inhabitants of a property near a busy road have to deal with a lot of noise pollution and unwanted cacophony. If your house is near a busy road, it will be dreadful if you have an infant. Roller shutters again come to your rescue. Studies show that installing roller shutters at your home cuts out nearly 40% noise. Families which have infants can be assured that their young ones sleep peacefully if roller shutters are installed at their site.

    Remote controlled actions

    Remote controlled actions

    Shutters come in varying sizes and shapes to suit your various needs. They can be used for your garages, windows or doors. They can either be operated manually or through a remote control. You can choose a suitable option according to your requirements. All the dealers keep a ready stock of motors and remote systems to use on the shutters.


    Aesthetic appeal

    While security is a major concern, you obviously don’t want your prized home to look like an army post. We provide shutter in a number of colors to appeal to your as well your visitor’s aesthetic sense. You may match or contrast the shutters with the building material of the house.


    Easy to clean

    The modern roller shutter, especially the aluminium ones are easy to clean. They come out squeaky clean after a few minutes of wiping. They can either be cleaned with a hose and wiped afterward with a cloth or made spotless with non-abrasive fluids which come specifically for this purpose. In case any repair is desired, contact us for roller shutter repair in London.


    The perfect parting word

    We have an experience spanning several years. We are committed to constantly improvising on our standards and the quality of our products.

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