What are the common problems related to roller shutter and how to fix them?

What are the common problems related to roller shutter and how to fix them?

What are the common problems related to roller shutter and how to fix them?


Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD: Choosing the best method of security for your property is very essential. In that case, the installation of roller shutter is the best option as it helps in maximizing the security and privacy of your place. Moreover, it only helps in protecting the door but it can be used with windows also.

What are problems related to roller shutter?

No doubt, security, and privacy with shutters increase a lot. But, it can be difficult to figure out the issues on your own. It is essential that you seek the help of the professional for roller shutters repair. This is because they will tell you the best ways to figure out the issue.

  • Roller shutter get stick

While closing or opening the shutter, the shutters get stuck. This means you need to lubricate them properly. It might be possible that by putting a little bit of extra force, you can get rid of this issue. What you have to do is spray the rail lines with WD-40. By doing this, the working mechanism will get back to its normal stage.

  • Roller shutters do not close properly

Sometimes the shutters close or open half way only. Well, this is the most common problem which most of us have experienced. The shutters working is based on proximity sensors. The problem arises when proximity sensors get dirty or they are pushed from its place. So, it is essential that the sensors on the shutters should be its place and all the dirt should be wiped off.

  • Roller shutter making a screeching sound

At times, we also get to hear screeching sound from the shutters while we are operating them. This happens because the parts of the shutters are not lubricated properly. Make sure you lubricate all the parts after every few months so that the working of the shutter is proper.

  • You are having code clashing

In some cases, it happens that your neighbor has installed the roller shutter and the code which automate your shutter is in conflict with theirs. If this is the case, then you need to call the professionals as they will help you.

  • Roller shutter cannot balance

The shutters can be opened and closed to a certain point we like. But, even if you adjust them they are not able to stay in that place. This can create a lot of problems and it might lead to some type of accident in your building or house. Make sure you check all the nuts & bolts are tight. If you are not able to find the reason then call the professionals as early as possible and make sure no one operates the shutter.

There is no doubt, shutters are an effective method for security and protection. But, if you face any issue then make sure to contact our company and our team will be there for you.

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