Roller shutter: Good for security, but are they effective in blocking out the noise?

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Roller shutter: Good for security, but are they effective in blocking out the noise?

Roller shutter: Good for security, but are they effective in blocking out the noise?


    The world is getting noisier. So are the localities. In fact, it has become an impossible task to find a peaceful place to live these days. All the clamour can lead to problems in sleeping. Constant exposure to annoying noises can lead to health problems later on in life. One must ensure that one lives in a peaceful environment. But all of are not so lucky that we find residences in peaceful areas. This is where roller shutters will come in handy for you.

    The primary reason for their installation is the security concern but they are good at controlling acoustics as well. Though you can’t control the neighborhood from making noises, you can control the amount of noise entering your building. We supply the best  Roller shutter in London. We also offer services for shutter repair. Have a look at the acoustic screening benefits of roller shutters-

    1. Bad day blues

    A hectic day at work brings you to your abode with the mood for resting peacefully. But your idea of rest may be rendered ineffective by the loud noisy neighborhood. The sounds of the vehicles passing by are another culprit. If you continue to get such disturbed bouts of rest, chances are that you may develop some medical conditions due to lack of proper rest. It’s time to get yourself the sleep you deserve-get the roller shutters installed. They will offer acoustic screening to you in an effective way.

    1. The technical angle

    We test our shutters extensively and we ensure that our products lower the incoming noise by almost 80 percent. The noisy neighborhood will be reduced to a peaceful, calm place the moment you pull the shutter down. It will be like bidding goodbye to stress and poor sleep. Keeping your convenience in mind, we have made a remote-controlled device available to you so that you can control the shutters without even changing your position.

    1. Aluminium noise blockers

    Our roller shutters are made up of aluminium slats which are highly insulated. You could opt for extra features like polyurethane foam which is very efficient in blocking out the external noise. It screens the hustle and bustle of the external world and ensures that you live a peaceful life at your home.

    1. What about complete soundproofing of my home?

    Yes, roller shutters will provide 80 % sound proofing but you can’t soundproof your home 100% with them. You can choose to use some other features to minimize the noise. Installation of long drapes and carpeting your floors will be effective in absorbing the sound.

    1. What else will keep the sound off my limits?

    For optimum noise benefits, you will have to apply silicone sealant between the guides, the head box and the wall. The lesser the air gaps, the more the sound

    installation. It will also help to get internal shutters installed. Another tip which will be highly effective in blocking out the noise is getting double paned glass installed. You could also opt for soundproof windows. They will definitely make your home a peaceful one.

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