Roller Shutter Garage Door – what is it exactly?

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Roller Shutter Garage Door – what is it exactly?

Roller Shutter Garage Door – what is it exactly?


    A peek into roller shutter doors

    Roller shutter doors have become not only significant but also a compulsory addition to the basic security requirements of the modern citizen. You need them everywhere- homes, malls, hospitals or offices. One can not think of securing one’s property without getting them installed. They are available in many forms-roller shutters, shopfronts, fire insulated doors, and garage doors.

    Roller Shutter Garage Door-what is it exactly?

    It is the door which is fitted for granting protection to the garage. It attributes it’s smooth operation to the absence of internal tracks and a smooth vertical opening. It is one of the best choices available for securing your garage. The structure of the garage roller shutter consists of a series of slats overlapping each other in the form of a curtain . The slats can roll themselves at the top of the door opening . They are manufactured out of steel or aluminum. While a steel roller shutter is made up of a single sheet, aluminum roller shutter doors provide greater insulation. At ADV,  we specialize in roller shutter doors and their maintenance. When you come to us, you will get the best service and products.

    Plus points of having a Roller Shutter Garage Door

    Well is time to count your blessings you get in the form of Roller Shutter Garage Door. We offer optimum security with the installation of the structure meant specifically for your garage. Of course, it primarily offers premium security. There are a plethora of other advantages as well. Places with limited headspace will benefit greatly by this installation. The facility won’t be offered by an ordinary door. Ordinary doors open sideways thus end up occupying more space. If space is less and you have already installed a meter or a fuse box which might obstruct the path of an ordinary door, then it is time you opted for a Roller Shutter Garage Door. The average rolling size of the curtain is around 300-350 mm if you consider the diameter.Larger options are available if you consider other materials and larger installation space. So you can see that apart from impartial safety, roller garage doors offer minimum space usage so you can directly park your large vehicles with ease and comfort without obstructing the door.

    Where would you install a normal door? Of course, in the front. But with the roller shutters, you have the provision of getting them installed in the front, rear or in between the opening.

    Whereas ordinary doors don’t offer much in the name of customization,the roller garage doors can be tailor-made for you. Choose from an amazing range of colors with a superb finish, finest textures, and perfect aesthetic touches.

    Choose with care

    Although one can’t distinguish between the roller shutter garage doors offered by various companies, the durability is what sets them apart.At ADV, we assure you the best and the most durable offer.Premium quality and reliable products are what we stand for. We assure you durable products and smooth operation.

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