Everything about the roller shutter door Parts & Accessories

Everything about the roller shutter door Parts & Accessories

Everything about the roller shutter door Parts & Accessories


If you are planning to install a roller shutter door at your premises, then you have to understand which type of material is beneficial for long term service. In addition to this, if you maintain all the parts of the roller door well, then there is no need to go with shutter repair. You just go with an annual inspection from professionals, so that you can get the benefits of the shutter door.


Accessories involve certain items such as-:

  • Hooks

  • Slats

  • Screws

  • Metal

  • Plastic springs

These are the most important items, which are useful to hold the roller door easily so that you can simply operate it.


This is a type of non-corrosive oxide and this is created by electrolytic action. This is completely clear and does not coat with any type of color as well as this is a conversion of aluminum to aluminum oxide.


It is a type of metal tube, which is useful for rolling of the roller shutter. Itis beneficial for electric single-phase door tube motor and springs for spring charged shutters, which is additionally known as the counterbalance pipe.

Barrel assembly

This is a type of a horizontal and cylindrical component, which is present at the head of the opening of the shutter. It is beneficial to support the curtains and counterbalance springs.

Anti-drop break

This is a device that can be easily fitted inside the roller shutter door. This is useful to prevent the dropping of the curtain in the event of a mechanical failure. In addition to this, these types of Anti-drop brakes are simply installed in every type of roller shutter include electric and manual roller doors. These are also useful to control the operation of the roller shutter door so that you can simply operate the shutter.

Barrel ring and motor

Barrel motor is another name of the tubular motor, that is present in the roller shutter door for easy operation. Well, it is long as well as hold a shape of a cylinder, which is fitted inside the barrel that is useful to roll the curtain. In addition to this, the barrel ring is useful to wrap the diameter of the curtain, which is simply attached to the slat of the curtain.

Moreover, there are several other necessary components of roller shutter door include-:

  • Bottom rail

  • Brackets

  • Caps

  • Control buttons

  • Counterbalance assembly

  • Curtain

  • Cycle

  • Medlock

  • EPDM Rubber weather seal

  • Galvanised metal

  • Nylon poly guide

  • Pelmet

  • Perforations

  • PPGL

  • Polycarbonate

  • Slats

  • Torsion springs

  • Wind load

  • Wind-lock clips

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