Remote controlled shutters: An addition to your comfort level

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Remote controlled shutters: An addition to your comfort level

Remote controlled shutters: An addition to your comfort level


    ADV has completed several years of providing the best roller shutters. The company not only specializes in supplying but also manufacturing, installing and maintaining the shutters. We are known for excellence in products and related services. Whenever there is a need for shutter installation, ADV is the name that rings a bell in everybody’s mind.

    The remote and the manual version

    We all know that the shutters are available in both the manual and the electric version.

    Following are the advantages it has over the manual version –

    1. Automatic control

    The electric shutters are operated by a switch through which you can control their upward or downward movement. The roller shutter senses when it has reached the upper or lower  limit. With that sensation, the shutter stops automatically. This provision makes it a safer option. The switch can be put in a neutral position after it.

    1. Takes care of your memory lapse

    In case you are a forgetful person, then you may forget to put the switch in a neutral position. The electric shutter has a solution to this problem also. The motor stops by itself in such a case. But you may feel uneasy about the mains supply being continuously on for the switch. Then , you can opt for a remote control version.

    1. Ease of operation

    The remote-controlled version is also as easy and comfortable. On receiving the correct signal command, it can enable upward or downward movement. The same goes for stopping it too. The shutter will stop as soon as you give the required command. The remote comes with the facility of providing manual control with one push button option for upward or downward movement. One may use the remote control or the manual option on the remote to do as he pleases.

    1. Security benefits

    With a remote controlled roller shutter, the owner can be sure of the security of the building without breaking into a sweat. The manual version, on the other hand, will require a lot of effort.

    1. Fast and easy

    Operation of the roller shutter becomes fast and easy with the remote controlled shutters. Elderly people, women, and kids can operate it without any problem.The operation is fast and rapid and acts as a boon in times of hazard or emergency. It is especially useful in situations when timely closure or opening could avert a great tragedy.

    Our shutter with remote control has the following facilities-

    1. Provision of moving the roller shutter up and downward
    2. Stop the movement
    3. Move the roller shutter up through a push button for upward motion
    4. Move the roller shutter down through a push button for the downward motion
    5. Stop the movement caused by the upward or downward push

    All the instructions regarding the operation and the corresponding keys are mentioned in the instruction manual. The owner can get to know about the instructions through this manual.

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