Reasons why you should opt for curtain walling

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Reasons why you should opt for curtain walling

Reasons why you should opt for curtain walling


    Curtain walling is a protective layer for buildings made up of lightweight materials. The lifespan of the curtain wall varies from 10 to 15 years. It is the primary layer which prevents the building from the extreme weather conditions. One of the main reasons it is required is that the buildings need complete protection from the elements. One of the main features which make it an exciting venture for aesthetics is that it has a lot of colorful options available. It also offers a lot of flexibility as it can be installed even after the building has been constructed minus it. Curtain walling in London is what ADV Shutters excels in. So leave no chances when it comes to the protection of your building. Choose ADV and you will have a building that speaks volumes about your taste and seriousness of conducting business.

    Cast the ideal first impression

    Cast aside the old shabby look and present your building in a new lustrous and glamorous avatar. Cast a positive image and see your business prospects catalyze once you sport the new look. The customer inflow is bound to take off when the building is so attractive. Make a smart move and consider the use of curtain walling spray once you have it installed. It will prevent you from reinstalling the curtain walling every now and then.

    Wear the designer look

    The curtain walling can be made into a variety of designs. Their measurements can be incorporated in accordance with the measurements of the existing building. Easy mouldability is another feature that works in the favor of curtain walling. The buildings which incorporate curtain walling end up more sound if you talk about its structural robustness. It holds special significance in British weather conditions which is harsh on the buildings’ exteriors. When you add curtain walling to your building, it is secured against such vagaries.

    Excellent insulation

    If the curtain walling is fitted with glass, it provides excellent thermal insulation. It recreates the greenhouse effect in your building and helps you in preventing the use of power to keep your building warm and comfortable. It is a two-way benefit as you save on your energy costs as well as help the building stay warm.

    Keep the moisture away

    It is also a good move if you wish to keep the moisture at bay. The internal structure of the building will be moisture free if you have curtain walling.

    Get the natural light in

    Naturally, curtain walling will help in getting the natural light in, thus helping again with reducing the cost overheads associated with power for providing artificial light.

    Variety of materials

    Curtain walling is associated with a variety of materials. One can choose from a multitude of materials so that one can be sure that all their requirements are met.

    • Aluminum can be used as it is a lightweight and cost-effective material. It qualifies as recyclable material too.
    • Glass –We have already highlighted the advantages of using glass.It is highly beneficial in keeping away the moisture and helping the building stay well lighted and warm.
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