Maintain your shutters the right way: Reasons why you may need professional help for emergency shutter repair

Maintain your shutters the right way: Reasons why you may need professional help for emergency shutter repair

Maintain your shutters the right way: Reasons why you may need professional help for emergency shutter repair


Roller shutters are being installed in every nook and corner of the world. Naturally, with the installation of shutters comes the requirement of servicing and maintenance. The use of shutters subjects them to various types of wear and tear. With the passage of time and usage, these too need maintenance and servicing. The frequency will, of course, depend on the amount of usage and the care taken on a daily basis.

The owners of the shutters must take care that the shutters are maintained with utmost care and in the event of any problem, the restoration must be carried out on an urgent basis. Having a laid back attitude towards such issues can expose your loved ones or your employees to hazard. Ignorance can also cause you to end up paying more than ever. It could also require the replacement of shutters. It can make a loophole in your security arrangement as an out of order shutter will leave you vulnerable to many external risk factors. Emergency shutter repair should also be handled by a professional as it ensures that the shutters start functioning as soon as possible.

Seek professional help

In case there is a malfunctioning or maintenance issue related to shutters, professionals are the best people who can deal with it. They are not called professionals for anything. They are the best people for handling the complaints and, maintenance issues. They have been trained in handling such problems. They also possess the requisite knowledge and experience one requires to maintain shutters or fix them in case an emergency arises. Calling a professional will enable you to save your money and time and effort. Regularly getting your shutters serviced will ensure that your shutters operate smoothly throughout the year and last a lifetime.

Here are the different types of shutters which need maintenance-

  1. Automatic Entrance shutters

Automatic doors demand repair on an urgent basis as a delay will mean a lot of energy loss in the form of heat. Of course, it is going to cost you wads of notes. Rendering a professional will be the best step you can take. He will easily be able to identify the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

  1. Fire Shutter repair

Fire shutters are vital for the security of the property from fire. They help in preventing the spread of fire and help the owners in ensuring the safety of their employees and assets. They are meant for your safety, therefore, it is crucial that you get them repaired as soon as you notice any snag in their functioning. A delay can cost you more than money and effort. It may spell doom for your organization’s human as well as other resources.

  1. Dock Levelers and Shutters repair

Damage in the Dock levelers can lead to malfunctioning of the temperature maintenance mechanism in the goods storage centers. A professional will detect broken pressure hose or faulty pump and proceed to repair the same.

  1. Electric Gates and Barriers repair

Electric Gates require professional intervention as detection of electronic faults is not an easy task.

As discussed above,  repairing such shutters is not a child’s play. Only the efficient engineers and technicians can detect the problem so you must call the professional technicians for repairing of these electric gates and shutters. ADV offers the most exclusive range of shutters along with their maintenance and repair services.

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