Reasons Which Create A Problem With The Automatic Garage Door Opening

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Reasons Which Create A Problem With The Automatic Garage Door Opening

Reasons Which Create A Problem With The Automatic Garage Door Opening


    In this article, we are going to discuss the top reasons which are not letting the garage door open or close.

    • The power source is not plugged

    It might sound crazy but this is one of the reasons which people often neglect. People often unplug the power source and when they want to open or close it won’t work. So, make sure that you check the shutter opener is plugged with the working outlet. Additionally, check the fuse, circuit breaker, or GFCI. Also, keep in mind to call the professionals right away for the shutter repair so that no major problem is caused.

    • The photo-eye is not visible

    Nowadays, the garage doors come with a photo eye which helps in knowing if there is some object or person who is blocking the door to lower it properly. If the laser which comes out is disrupted then they won’t close or open the way they should be. Moreover, the dust and dirt can also block the laser so make sure that you keep it clean to avoid such issues.

    • Torsion spring is damaged

    If you heard a very loud noise then it means the torsion spring is broken. This is the first thing that will damage your garage door. Mostly, the customers also call the companies in this situation. Keep in mind, you should never open the shutter or door when the spring is broken. You should take the help of the experts as they will get it fixed for you in the right manner.

    • Sensitivity is not correct

    When you get the door installed or even if they are tool old then sensitivity can be very low due to which they are not closing or opening. You should ask the professionals as they will set the sensitivity so that the correct levels are set.

    • Limit settings need correction

    Sometimes, you close the door but it opens right away then checks the limit settings. If the settings are not proper then they might hit the ground too soon then expected. Check the manual or the button which adjusts the limit settings. You might need to do some trial and error to get it done. If the problem still does not go away then talk to the experts.

    • The door is not on the track

    When the garage door or shutter is not on the track then it won’t open or close the way it should be. Along the metal track, it should roll down smoothly. Also, check if there is any obstacle, bend, or gap which is creating such a problem. Make sure the screws are properly tight so that the door is in its right position.

    • The remote control is not working

    If the garage door or shutter is not opening with the remote then it may be out of range. At times, battery change can help the door to open. The antenna motor might be damaged or blocked due to which it is not working.


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