Do you want to know everything about PVC Roller Shutters & Doors?

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Do you want to know everything about PVC Roller Shutters & Doors?

Do you want to know everything about PVC Roller Shutters & Doors?


    When you operate a busy work yard with frequent traffic, such as a forklift or a transport yard, you may understand the need for a simple and easy to operate roller shutters. These shutters do not only offer you better performance but also offer high speed and durability, which are important. If you are pondering to choose the best manufacturer for shutters and roller shutter repair services, you just visit us once, because our fast roller doors provide the perfect solution for your workspace.

    With a fast opening and closing speed of as little as 1 second every 1000 mm to open or shut, these doors will easily minimize heat loss and minimize sound leakage. Where it is important to hold heat and noise in or out, our high-speed door range is perfect. There is no compromise for health, security, or aesthetics. When a roller door curtain is hit, it has the power to automatically reset to the manuals, although in certain cases a manual reset will be needed.

    Suitable for a broad variety of uses, such as commercial and industrial doors, these custom-built doors may be shipped and mounted in huge sizes. Apart from the above-mentioned features, our shutters offer you a remote control option. You can simply operate them with the help of an electric remote because these are worked with an electric motor. You do not need to operate them manually by your hands or other sources of force. 

    At which places you can install shutters?

     If you have installed rolling shutters at windows, then it will surely give you peace of mind. 

    You can install them at-:

    · Warehouses

    · Internal openings

    · Loading bays

    · At places, where you want to control the temperature in different weather conditions including the food processing units, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, or kitchens as well.

    Technical specifications of shutters

    Shutter Curtain

    These are constructed of polyurethane enamel-coated and high strength PVC, which sits within a metal frame with a top fixed structure. This structure is constructed of anodized aluminum along with an airtight closing to zip seals within the guides.


    It can come in a variety of colors; you can choose your favorite color from 12 colors. You can also see the color map on our page so that you can get an idea of colors. 

    Bottom rail

    It is useful to operate the shutter and is a versatile, light ballast cover.


    These shutters are made with 2500 mm Cat 2 sequential light curtain or headboard & door lead photocell over a transparent opening for better security. 


    · Key switches

    · Key fobs

    · Remote Control 

    · Wireless push button controls

    · Motion detectors

    · LED traffic lights

    · Rocker switches

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