What are the top professional ways to reuse old shutters in home decor?

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What are the top professional ways to reuse old shutters in home decor?

What are the top professional ways to reuse old shutters in home decor?


    How to use old shutters for home decor?

    Someone has rightly said that ‘Old is Gold’. In case you have a couple of unnecessary shutters at your place, then there is no need to throw them away. You can use the shutters in different ways, depending on your need or your preference. These make the best choice for home decor as they can change the entire space and add a vintage charm. Whether you want to use it on doors or windows, it is up to you. All in all, these make the best decoration for your place. Our professionals have shared some ideas which you can steal and use in your home.

    Top ways to transform old shutters into home decor

    Transform them into a usable furniture

    Take your old shutters, get the magic helping hands of professionals and turn them into a unique piece of furniture that has a chic feel to it. Through this, you will have a sophisticated touch to the entire space and you can have this under your budget. Moreover, you transform the shutters into:

    • Wardrobes
    • Shelves
    • Side tables of shutters
    • Cupboards
    • Racks
    • Substitute usual furniture

    Take help from the professionals, on whether you need to paint, whitewash, or leave them as it is. These are a perfect choice for the kitchen, living rooms, bathrooms, living room, or any other space.

    Make a Wardrobe

    Old shutters can be transformed into a wardrobe which is a basic necessity that creates a new change to the place and makes it highly sophisticated.

    Make a pinboard

    You can make a pinboard with these shutters and these can be used in the form of a keyholder in the entryway.

    Make a coat rack and shelves

    You can use the old shutter in the form of a coat rack which will give a farmhouse feel to your place. Not only that but you can shelves out of it which brings in more charm to the entire space.

    Plant shelf and table

    Want to add another shelf in your backyard or garden? You can use the old shutters for this purpose and have a metal basket. In addition, you can have a pallet of wood that can be converted into a table or plant shelf. These options will add a unique character to the entire space.

    Transform the wooden countertop

    If you are looking to transform the kitchen, then use old shutters and make a wooden countertop from this. It is like giving your place vintage and unique look which is not possible with any other thing. This unique DIY project will add a vintage feel.

    Get it whitewashed

    You can make use of the whitewashed shabby chic shutters with shelves. Through this, it will add a soft touch to the entire bathroom. You can take help from the professionals and they can suggest to you what should be done.

    Shutters shelf add a vintage feel

    Through shutter shelves, your place will have a vintage feel and after the transformation, the complete bathroom will look cute.

    No matter what, you can make use of the shutters anywhere you want to. Use these ideas and make your place look even better.

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