Problems that occur with the commercial doors and how they can be resolved?

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Problems that occur with the commercial doors and how they can be resolved?

Problems that occur with the commercial doors and how they can be resolved?


    The industries and firms employ different types of doors to raise the aesthetic appearance, provide utmost security, and ensure the safety of workers and operations from extremities of weather.

    Problems with doors

    The problems that can arise with doors are:

    • Damaged rollers: there are certain doors which have doors rollers. These are the wheels on which the movement of the door depends. They can be made of various materials such as metal, nylon, or plastic. With the continuous usage over a period of time, the rollers wear out or they become too small that they come off the track.
    • Damaged cables: there are many electric or Automatic doors in London and other areas of the world which are having cables to them. If the torsion spring system has cables and they break, the door does not move. The cables get damaged due to wear and tear. In the torsion system, wearing out of the cables can be identified by the squeaking or shaking of the door. However, in an extension spring system which is used for safety, visual inspection has to be done to identify the damage such as fraying, rust or pinching.
    • Panel damage: the damage to the panel of door disturbs the normal working of the door. The damage to the door is generally caused by the hitting of some heavy object such as a vehicle. This can either lead to damage of one panel which can be repaired but if it damages the door, the door needs to be replaced.
    • Damaged torsion spring: the torsion spring is the one that is responsible for lifting up the door which has an electric door opener. In case of its damage caused by wear and tear or rusting, the door does not lift up.
    • Misalignment: the doors operate on tracks and these can become corroded. This can lead to misalignment of the doors.

    Corrective measures for the damage

    • The rollers which are damaged or have shrunk or become corrode need to be changed.
    • The torsion springs demand a replacement if they are damaged, have worn out or simply run out of their life.
    • The cables also need replacement.
    • With the early detection of misalignment, it can be simply corrected. However, if it is not detected, the entire track needs replacement.
    • The doors should get a regular service that involves inspection and repair of damaged parts.
    • In case of any unexplained problem, the qualified door engineer firm should be called to seek professional advice and a solution to the issue.

    All in all, the doors of the commercial establishments get damaged over a period of time and there could be many reasons accountable for this. However, careful maintenance, greasing, and service of doors can help to minimize these issues but it cannot totally erode these issues.


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