Is it necessary for buyers to get planning permission before purchasing the roller shutter?

Is it necessary for buyers to get planning permission before purchasing the roller shutter?

Is it necessary for buyers to get planning permission before purchasing the roller shutter?


Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD: Roller shutters in Wembley are an integral part of your premises, that will not only give you aesthetic appeal but also offer you security and safety. In the previous days, doors were well-known but these days, shutters are quite popular among people because of benefits.

If you want to enjoy durable service, then you must maintain them in good condition. You may not know that roller shutters do not need extra care and maintenance, but you must go for annual roller shutter repair service.

Now, let’s have a look at roller shutter material types.

There are several types of roller shutter such as-:

Aluminum-: These types of shutters are well-known these days due to mind-blowing features. These offer you many benefits as compared to other materials. These are hard that difficult to break for intruders even during night hours. This offer you record break security from external harmful components along with the aesthetic appeal. In addition to this, these are also useful to offer you weather protection and you can easily customize roller shutter according to your requirements and choices.

Stainless steel-: This is also the best material, that offers you many benefits such as security and safety. This material also adds value to your premises, so that you can get more profit while you are planning to sell it.

Types of roller shutters

Automatic shutters-: Automatic shutters are those which are operated with the help of electric remote. You do not need to open or close them with hands. In addition to this, you can also operate them with a smart app from anywhere in your house or outside as well.

Manual shutters-: These require human force to operate, well, these are outdated because no one has enough time to spend on shutters.

Do I need planning permission before buying roller shutters?

Prior to purchasing the shutters, you must ask the vendor or installer to visit the place. You also ask them whether there is a need for planning permission or not from higher authorities. Since there are certain areas where you need planning permission before installing the shutters at your commercial building. If you are residing there, or your store is located in that area, then you must go with planning permission, so that you won’t face any problem in the future.

Well, you need to keep in mind that you need approval if you want to install roller shutters at your store or home as well. You must visit the community website and clear you all the doubts about planning permission or process as well. After filling the form, you need to wait for some time for approval. 

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