Parts of the roller shutters – Responsible for smooth functioning

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Parts of the roller shutters – Responsible for smooth functioning

Parts of the roller shutters – Responsible for smooth functioning


    The window or door that deters the trespassers from entering inside the premises is important to be incorporated in every shop and the residential properties. If you have incorporated the door and window set for enhancing the security and safety of your premises, then you can expect the best aesthetic appeal to be provided as a bonus. The roller shutters are such an important part of our everyday life that we can start our working day without pulling them up and end our day by pushing them down. This is the probable reason why these require regular maintenance.

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    Roller Shutter installation is important for keeping your shop fronts in good aesthetic condition, of course.

    Here in this blog, we are going to mention some of the few important parts of the roller shutters, which are typical to face deterioration and dysfunctioning.

    • Cheek Plates

    These are made up of iron and steel. These are accountable for supporting the curtain cords. These help us to adjust the height without causing any impact to the length and tension of the curtain cord. One thing which all of us must know about it is that we can lower the curtain with these but can’t raise the same.

    • Roller Assembly

    As we all know that the hanging of the shutter curtain is done at the side of the window which needs smooth movement. This tubular cage-like structure is particularly manufactured with the help of the stainless steel situated on both sides of the shutter panel.

    • Tubular Motor

    The moving mechanism of the roller shutter is very important which is made smooth and highly supported with the help of the tubular motors. These are installed in the barrel assemblies of the rolling shutters which are secured by bolts. The ratchet mechanism can be held accountable for controlling it.

    • Motor Housing

    It is one of the crucial components of a roller shutter system. Tubar Motor is encompassed in this. The motor housing consists of a bearing and a ring. The ring helps to avoid the curtain cord to encounter any kind of side-to-side motion.

    • Safety Brake

    This is particularly designed for the cord on whom the tension is applied automatically whenever it gets broken. Without this, it would not have been possible in any way to prevent the property from being damaged. Also, it helps the shutter from being in an unsafe position.


    The most common material used for the manufacturing of the roller shutter curtain is aluminium. These help to make a particular region of your office or home get shut off.

    • Canopy Cover

    It is customarily known as hood. This helps to keep your roller shutter in optimum condition by preventing it from the harsh elements.

    Final Comments!

    If you want to mention the importance of some other parts, then please let us know by writing an email to us. We shall incorporate that in our forthcoming articles.

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