Guide on installing the non-fire rated insulated roller shutter door in your premises

Guide on installing the non-fire rated insulated roller shutter door in your premises

Guide on installing the non-fire rated insulated roller shutter door in your premises


General description

Roller shutters are the perfect choice when it comes to security and privacy. In some cases, installing the non-fire rated insulated roller door is very beneficial for the entire place. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the installation of non-fire rated roller doors and also discuss about the roller shutter repair and as well as its maintenance.

Essential Tools and Equipment

The tools needed for the installation process includes:

• Hammer

• Genie Lift (Jack Lift)

• Scaffolding

• Meter

• Aluminum Ladder

The electrical equipment needed for the installation process includes:

• Cutting Machine

• Grinding Machine

• Drilling Machine

Delivery of the roller shutters

The roller shutter is delivered to the site on pallets, wrapped, or crated which prevents the damage while moving or shifting the shutter to the site. When the shutters arrive the storekeeper will inspect the material as the need to be properly authorized. The engineer will check the material.

Handling and storage of the shutter

Mostly all the components of the shutters are in crates to prevent any type of damage.

Once the shutters reach the site, it will be uncovered and will be taken inside the premises to prevent it from exposure to light. It will be placed on an elevated floor so that it does not get wet.

Installation of roller shutters

●     Before the installation starts, the door opening will be equipped with all the basic work. The site needs to be safe and the transportation of the components should be done easily. The opening and wall surface need to be plumbed and it should be square.

●     The back covers and guides are fixed on the walls.

●     The endplates of the door are protected by the masonry anchors.

●     The mounting brackets and drive motor are installed at the endplate of the motor side. The drive chain is fixed with the plate wheel, sprocket and they are adjusted properly so that they are firm.

●     The smooth operation is possible with the guide covers and they are checked properly. In case, there is any kind of adjustment needed it will be made right away to make sure the door functions smoothly.


Testing of the shutters

Once the installation is done, the testing of the shutter will be done. It will make sure that the power supply is stable. The stop, up, and down button needs to work smoothly.

How are the electric wires connected?

●     From control box to drive module

●     From control box to pushbuttons

●     From the control box to PowerPoint.

The team will operate the door up and down many times to make sure it is properly aligned. The door is installed in such a way that the operational process is easy.

Safety measures

The safety factor is taken care of during the installation process. All the workers need to wear personal protective equipment and the work passage will be clean so that no one gets tripped over any material. All over the place, there is sufficient light to carry out the installation process easily.

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