Make Your Roller Shutter Perfect And Work Smoothly?

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Make Your Roller Shutter Perfect And Work Smoothly?

Make Your Roller Shutter Perfect And Work Smoothly?


    Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD London: Roller shutters are considered to be the best security measure for both commercial and residential purposes. It not only provides a high level of protection but also enhances the appearance of the property.

    The service and repair of the roller shutter is a great alternative to replacement as it saves time and money as well. One of the biggest advantages of shutter repair is that it saves the family, employees, and pets from the potential mishappening. 

    If you observe any of the below-mentioned faults in your roller shutter then you can simply maintenance & repair these damages rather than replacing your shutters.

    1. Replacement of Broken or Frayed cable:-

    In the manual roller shutter installation, the installer drills a hole of 8 to 10 mm through the wall with the pulley and then passes the 2mm thick stainless steel cable to the winding mechanism. If you observe only the cable is worn-out then there is no need to change the winding mechanism.

    2. Replacement of In-Wall Manual Winder:-

    Some of the roller shutters companies use the steel-wire winches series of STAFER with the capacity of up to 100 kg to ensure the high-quality standard conservation over time. The box winder size that fits in the wall cavity is approximate 75mm x 110 mm. Some of the best companies do not suggest people use a manual roller shutter on a window which is larger than 2m x 2m. So, the effective option to choose for larger size windows in the long term is the electric motor.  

    3. Cable and Winder combo replacement:-

    In certain cases, the winding mechanism is required to be changed so it is recommendable to change both the winding mechanism and the stainless steel cable simultaneously. It saves your time as well as money, rather than repairing the stainless steel cable individually at a separate time.

    4. Replacement of On Wall Tape Winder:-

    This unit is available in strap or tape which runs through the wall cavity and down the wall internal face to the winder which is going to be installed adjacent to the opening. Some of the companies replace the outdated winder box because the new winder box uses the same tape of 14mm that comes with the old one. The size dimensions of the winder box are 150mm(W) x 120mm(H) x 32mm(D).

    5. Shutter jammed or broken slats:-

    In most cases, the slats of window roller shutter slats because of the operation negligence. You must replace the damaged slats as soon as possible as it may hinder the working of a roller shutter. The cost of repair is based on the number of slats repaired. It is advised that you must avoid operating the jammed shutter as it may possess further damage to slats.


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