Latest Features in Curtain Walling

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Latest Features in Curtain Walling

Latest Features in Curtain Walling


    The private industry of glass and coating is regularly maturing and different movements are entering the market. Let’s see what the markets of one of the fad (out of many others), the unitized curtain walls, has to say. What is the market like? And more things.

    One of the fads is the focus on a combination of infill materials, painted in unitized curtain panels. Customarily, they have been vision glass and surface glass, for giving the building a similar, glazy kind of look, but of late some other outer materials have been coming more in fashion, like stone, terracotta, and metal.

    Stony or stone infill’s, can be used for a different tang or drawing. The combination of this material, besides giving a logical look also gives a single source responsibility for weather railing in the same system, hence restricting chances of any kind of leak, between open areas. Many new stone materials are used such as limestone, arriscraft, granite, travertine, and marble.

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    Another thing gaining popularity is metal sheets. Many new design features are also created through finishes, textures, shapes. Some options are high or low visual assistance of various materials.

    Slanting or undulating facades are also very much “in” these days, besides the old glass box towers. The visual look of these things is so good; nothing in the world can possibly beat it.

    Building in a sunny area? Custom sunshades are a great functional option. The design resources with these are truly limitless and give a very distinctive look to your building. Choosing automated sunshades, which is a modern feature, allows these shades to Is your building in a sunny area? Then you can opt for custom canopy or sun shades so that the harsh sun rays don’t bother you, much, and you also get protected in specific areas of the building. It also enhances the beauty of your place. Many examples are formed mesh panels, mesh screening and others.

    The terracotta filling is also among the latest talked about thing. These panels are very light in weight and also make an interesting feel or pattern.

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    Another thing getting popular day is facade conception. Twin skin or double skin facades, it has been in use for the past one decade or so. It has high energy, green building movement and high LEED certification goals.

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