Know about Curtain Walls and Window Walls

Know about Curtain Walls and Window Walls

Know about Curtain Walls and Window Walls


Glass has been known to be the best material when it comes to dressing up the tall buildings. Malls with glass exteriors are known to attract glances and visits from the customers. The grace lent by the glass facades is extraordinary. But apart from lending it good looks, the glass systems provide a blanket of security as well. Though it is difficult to imagine the glass has come a long way since its old former self. With this installation, you can be assured of a secure yet sophisticated building. If you are looking for the ultimate glass cover for your building, you can avail it in two forms, namely curtain walling and window walling.

Glass has been a source of adding to the fineness and magnificence of the building. It is a single feature which has the potential of enhancing the style, space, and lighting of the structure. Installation of glass sends across a beautiful message that your organization stands for power and quality. At the same time, the customers feel readily welcomed. The employees and the customers of the organization feel equally comfortable and happy in such an environment. Curtain walling in London can be readily availed by availing services offered by ADV.

Window walls are more appropriate for smaller heights (lower than 12 meters), one can opt for curtain walling for higher buildings. Though both the options are suitable, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Before arriving at any decision, it is best to take a detailed account of both the aspects.

Both add an exceptional characteristic to a building but each differs in its own way-

They have a frame of their own. The frame is attached to the building at certain points but the structure of the curtain wall stands on its own. Curtain walls are of two types-

  1. Pressure glazed – The aluminum frame is completely exposed, and is visible from outside. In this type of curtain walls, the frame can be completely identified from the outside. It is conspicuous by its visibility.
  1. Flush glazed – only the glass outside is visible, along with the silicon joints in between. This feature lends visibility of the glass but the same can’t be said of the silicon joints.

How and what to choose?

While both offer an elegant and scintillating solution to your security concerns, it is entirely up to you what you prefer to install. Different people have varied tastes and their preference for different styles is perfectly understandable. We allow our clients to figure out the option themselves. Of course, they are advised to follow the tips from the experts who know the ins and outs of the concerned topic.

Curtain walls have the advantage of being useful for making up large glass surfaces without needing any support from the main building. They are particularly suitable for places like malls. A disadvantage which they have is that due to the frame being separate from the slab, there are chances of transfer of sound and fire across the various floors. This disadvantage can be countered by installing sound and fire breaks at various points. Window walls can attain a maximum height of  12 meters without any extra support. They are easy to install and one can add balconies to them. But the powerful effect which the curtain walls offer is missing in this case.

Both of them can be made with the coated glass,  laminated,  toughened or double glazed units. Architects normally figure out the u-value to decide which option to use. The choice of material may also be decided according to the maintenance required. Flush-glazed curtain walls are tough to replace. Changing them can also raise security issues during the stipulated time.

While it is more beneficial to get them installed in the beginning, both the features can be incorporated into an existing structure. It is safer to install a curtain walling system as it has a frame of its own. Window walls are tougher to install.

Both the options add stunning looks to the building but are solely dependent on the owner’s needs and preferences.

The owner should take the opinion of the experts concerned regarding the decision. The architects and the designers are the best people to turn to for validating your decision with their practical knowledge and experience.

Certain systems are available which make it possible to install the frame as well as the glass from the interiors of a building. These systems are readily available to cover residential buildings as well as skyscrapers.

When one needs to decide the most suitable option, he has to consider a lot of factors which include-

  1. Financial budget
  2. The durability
  3. Preference

The customer must include the above-mentioned criteria to work out the option that works best for him. Of course, he will be needing the experts by his side. The option which seems to be more suitable financially is durable and meets all the requirements of the customer must be chosen.

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