Industrial Roller Shutter Automated, Electric, Safety Features

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Industrial Roller Shutter Automated, Electric, Safety Features

Industrial Roller Shutter Automated, Electric, Safety Features


    The industries are witnessing revolutionary changes in their outlook and structure. The most recent change that has come in industries is the type of doors used for companies. The main doors of industries are giant and heavy. Besides, there are various doors with the industries to different departments or for safety purpose or due to any other reason. Earlier, the doors used to be manually operated where human labor was involved and was responsible for shutting and opening the door. This was a very risky procedure. That is why the automatic doors came into being.


    The automatic doors are machine driven and a machine is attached to the doors that automatically rolls over the door ups and down to maximize safety. These doors are pulled up through a tube. With this, the management of doors has become quite easier. Also, there are many industries which are exposed to extreme weather conditions due to their locations. In such industries, the roller shutter doors are best suited as they open and shut down quickly and automatically. These are ideal for factories, warehouses, and plant sites.


    1. On the basis of usage: The roller shutters can be divided into various categories based on their usage and needs. On the basis of usage, the doors can be built according to high usage and low usage
    2. High usage: if the usage of the roller is high, it clearly means the door opens several times. This calls for a three – phase electric motor drive system which is efficient in bearing heavy loads and weights.
    3. Low usage: where the door is opened very less, a single phase electric motor drive system can be used as it is capable of bearing fewer loads.

    The manually operated roller shutters are still in use, but they are demanded very less because they are required only where the shutters are small and opened less. Additionally, they are also less in demand because electric roller shutters are available at economical prices.

    1. On the basis of insulation: once the usage of doors is known, the decision to made is about the insulation requirement which classifies the door as
    2. Insulated double skinned: these doors ensure greater security and safety. Their strength is also very great.
    3. Single skin steel curtain without insulation: these can be used where security issues are not much.

    The substantial changes in technology have made available high-speed opening and closing doors which are not even called such names.


    1. Reliable: definitely, the doors are reliable in terms of automatic opening and closing.
    2. Division of different compartments: the departmentalization can be easily done with the help of roller shutters within the factory or warehouse.
    3. Safety assurance: they guarantee the safety of workers, operations, and factory.
    4. Minimal maintenance cost: the cost of maintaining these doors is quite reasonable and professional are available who can do service on yearly basis.
    5. Simple: they are simple to handle and manage and even a layman can understand their working.

    Overall, the industrial roller shutters come as a great rest to both the industry owners and workers. With so much range available in the types of roller shutters, every industry can get the roller shutter customized as per their own requirement.

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