Fire resistant industrial roller shutters

Find the best nearby places for industrial roller shutters within 100 miles of ADV Shutter LTD. fire-resistant roller shutter is a particular construction of the metal roller shutter produced using such materials so that the development will show an explicit coefficient or fire-resistance of an hour when the shutter is closed. It is ensured by the European standard EN 1634 – 1 2000. The shutter has detached fire security gadgets and will close the floor consequently if there should be an occurrence of fire. It has several characteristics such as-: Battery backup for power failure, internal tubular motor, fully controlled descent, low voltage switching, 50 mm flat lath option, fire signal relay release, stylish design to assist building aesthetics, assessments for widths up to 10m wide, and the audiovisual option to warn of fire roller shutter in operation with voice record.

It is a mechanical gadget appended to the engine brake of the roller shutter. It is controlled by a receptor, which is a substance that breaks and decimated when the temperature came to at 68 ° C. At that point, the brake is discharged and the roller screen is brought down to the floor normally by its own weight and with consistent speed. This gadget is mandatory and cannot be put off. The best way to open the shutter is to replace the compound sensor and to put the activation arm in its unique position. This gadget is totally free, independent and works in any situation of the roller shutter without the need for electricity. Moreover, ADV shutters in London provides professionals for repair and roller shutter maintenance at low wages.

Battery Backup Unit

The tube engine of fire roller shutter requires a looked after supply. Moreover, the fire roller shutter requires a battery backup unit. The dimensions of the battery are 200mm width, 130mm long, and 70mm deep.

Paint Finish Option

These roller shutters can be covered or painted by any color. Moreover, these shutters do not need repainting.


Self-coiling, Chain worked through a gear manual unit, that is electrically worked 1PH/3PH.

Overall shutter size

The dimensions of shutter size are 2850mm width and 3000mm height. The dimensions of size depend on the door and window of the building.

Manual Solenoid Release

All solenoid release instruments are intended to be connected into the fire alert, the signal needed from the fire caution is 24 volts D.C. 0.5 amps on actuation.

Auto Solenoid Release

This roller shutter is connected to the fire alert and the signal needed from the fire caution is 24 volts D.C. 0.5 amps, as manual solenoid release. This is the most usually utilized activation taking into consideration testing and re-setting when the shutter is coming back to the vacant position after the expulsion of the fire signal, the solenoid can be automatically reset.

Fire Relay

Primarily the regularly utilized methods for release, the attributes emulate the utilization of the solenoid on the ordinary fire shutter, again connected to the fire caution, the new roller Shutter instead of shutting physically through the gearbox will obviously be powered down.

Price Range: £500 – £2000
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