Industrial and Commercial Roller Shutter Door Types

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Industrial and Commercial Roller Shutter Door Types

Industrial and Commercial Roller Shutter Door Types


    Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD, Hounslow: Industrial and Commercial Roller Shutter Doors and its Types, You must be well aware of the idea of roller shutters by now. It’s a door that opens vertically rather than horizontally. It can be opened using a manual operation or can be controlled through remote control. In the remote-controlled version, the shutter is connected to a motor.

    ADV provides the best services, be it manufacturing, installation or roller shutter repair. In this post, we aim to clarify the facts about different types of roller shutters.

    Sectional Overhead Door

    It is a strong and well-insulated door which has horizontal panels. It is usually 400-600mm high and 10m wide. The panels slide up and down on the tracks provided at either side. They are balanced by large springs. They can be operated by manual or electric option. They are ideal for buildings which need high insulation like retail outlets and car showrooms.

    Folding Door

    These doors are used in places where there is limited headroom or high pedestrian traffic. They are constructed from well-insulated panels and glazing sections might be added to them. They also offer a great amount of strength and safety. They allow minimum intrusion into the building

    Sliding Door

    It is one of the simplest doors one can install at his home or office. It is usually available in single or double sliding door form. Mostly they are used in a manually operated form. They are available in a single complete section framed in a steel or timber frame. The door may be used in a bottom rolling or top hung form. It is an ideal option for large buildings like farmhouses, warehouses, and factories.

    Round the Corner Door

    These doors are used in places where there is a requirement of a partial opening so that the frequent pedestrian traffic can access the building. It can be constructed using steel, aluminum, and timber. It is available with glazing and without glazing options. Different lengths of the panel may also be used according to the customer’s choice.

    High-Speed Door

    It controls the atmosphere in large factories and warehouses. It uses a high-speed fabric door along with a traditional door in front. The fabric door is kept closed in normal circumstances. It is opened only when a forklift or a vehicle needs to pass through it. These doors open and shut very rapidly. They are used in places where there is a great possibility of high traffic and security is a crucial issue. It is also used in places where the regulation of temperature is essential. Such places are cold storage facility and clean rooms. They need to maintain an ideal temperature to ensure that their professionalism doesn’t suffer. These fast action doors are good for attaining high insulation capacity of the building.

    Rolling Grille

    In this case, the curtain is not solid but has a lot of ventilation and vision in between. They are ideal for retail outlets and underground parking lots. They are usually manufactured from steel or aluminum. They normally use robust electric motor units and smooth mechanics.

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