Explain the importance of installing Fire Rated roller shutter in the commercial building?

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Explain the importance of installing Fire Rated roller shutter in the commercial building?

Explain the importance of installing Fire Rated roller shutter in the commercial building?


    Fire Rated Roller shutters For commercial buildings London: Security and safety are the primary concern of any business owner. In the year 2018, around 170000 fire rescue cases were recorded which is increased by 3% from last year.

    This means it is essential that proper fire safety measures are taken and preventive measures should be taken care of properly.

    Why it is essential to install a fire shutter?

    Installation of Fire Rated Roller shutters helps to reduce the impact of fire. Definitely, they play a big role in reducing the flames in a specified area and reduce the damage to property and life. Moreover, it helps in providing an extra layer of security as well as by meeting the building regulations and risk assessments related to commercial buildings.

    In the guideline of government, it is clearly mentioned that having a fire shutter is a must. Additionally, there are some buildings in which it cannot be installed. So, in that case, that building should not be built with other buildings. In the design of the kitchen and canteen, they are integrated on a common basis.

    Moreover, it does not mean they can be used at only high-risk areas where it is obvious that fire safety is required. The fire shutters can be used anywhere as they help in controlling the spread of fire. It also helps in preventing the fire to reach other room. In most cases, it is installed internally but you can get them installed externally also like roller shutters.

    Fire rating

    While installing the fire shutter you need to keep in mind that the shutter you select should be of a top rating. This will ensure that the shutter will provide proper safety and they are manufactured with proper standards. Mostly, they are rated in a number of hours. If the shutter has a 4-hour rating then it can withstand the extreme fire condition for four hours. So, make sure you choose the best company for getting the shutter installed.

    From ADV, you can get the shutters installed which are made with best quality material and according to standards. Our team knows the importance of protecting the entire place. We have installed fire roller shutter in London for various top-rated commercial buildings.

    Is there anything else I should look for?

    It is advised by the government that the shutters should be operated both manually and electronically along with a fusible link. Actually, the fusible link helps in closing the shutter automatically once it reaches the specific temperature without the need of having someone to close the shutter. The shutter will close at a very controlled speed and also prevent the risk of any type of injury.

    Having another type of roller shutter

    Security shutters which are non-fire rated also play an important role. They will provide an additional escape to the people in the building.

    If you want further information regarding installation then you can contact our team of professionals and they will let you know about the entire process.

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