How to Solve the Biggest Problem with Roller Shutters

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How to Solve the Biggest Problem with Roller Shutters

How to Solve the Biggest Problem with Roller Shutters


    Roller Shutters

    Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD: Everyone wants peace. No one wants to sacrifice peace for security. Hence the requirement for a quiet roller shutter. Clients often prefer shutters which do not make noise, and why not? It is a very natural choice. If the organization is a busy one, then there is all the more need to have silent roller shutters. If you have a noisy roller shutter, there might be more to it. Usually, roller shutters make a lot of noise if there is some problem with their maintenance. Well if that is the case then you need to be extra careful about getting it rectified as soon as possible as it might lead to some mishap.

    Every noisy shutter has its reasons-

    Roller shutters may make a noise while they are being operated. But the noise may go up as they become older. To ensure that they run noiselessly, the owner must ensure that the parts are maintained regularly in an efficient and professional manner. The motor parts need regular and sufficient lubrication. If gears,wheels and the metallic parts which contribute to the motion are not well lubricated, it leads to a lot of noise. A well-lubricated system will not only reduce the noise and the friction, but it will also lead to better working of the system. The motor works more efficiently when it is lubricated. Of course, it also makes the motor noise free. One must be careful that the motor makes noise is an indication of loose parts, dislocation of parts or corrosion.

    We should not forget that roller shutters typically constitute steel slats which are placed one over the other. Naturally, it leads to a lot of noise as metal rolls on other slats of metal. The guides are also metallic in nature so when the curtain descends from the upper area, there is a lot of loud screeching noise. The vibration of metal against metal, loose rails or roller shutter parts is bound to produce unpleasant noise. Older roller shutters are also susceptible to making more noise as the slats stretch over time and cause the door to sag. It puts an additional load on the motor and the guides leading to high noise.

    It is also seen that the large doors expand with heat. This leads to additional friction during operation which can be felt as screeching sound.

    Noise indicates not the only a problem in operation but also a lack of lubrication. It is an indication that the shutter’s maintenance needs looking into.

    Maintenance concerns eliminated by ADV

    When it comes to installation and maintenance, ADV is the best name in the industry. Our esteemed clientele is witness to the fact that we rule the shutter business scene with an iron hand. Be it manufacturing, installation or any mention-able aspect related to shutters, we supply the most efficient and professionally trained team.

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