How often you should get the service and repairing of roller shutters?

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How often you should get the service and repairing of roller shutters?

How often you should get the service and repairing of roller shutters?


    Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD, Roller Shutters Repair Southall UK: To make the place safe and secure it is very important that you get the security measures which work best. If you want to make the place safe and secure then get the roller shutters installed at your place.

    The rolling shutters work well in different conditions and protect the place against theft & burglary.

    What the benefits of getting shutters installed?

    • The first reason is that it makes the entire place safe against theft. The shutters are made with premium quality material which cannot break easily. Even if someone tries to break it they cannot enter your place.
    • Another reason for getting them is they protect against the weather. If your company is located in an area where the weather is changing continuously then get these shutters installed.
    • The shutters even help in reducing the noise level. This is because the shutters are insulated which helps in reducing the noise from entering or going out.
    • If you want protection and does not want people to know what you are doing then get you can lower down the shutters.

    One thing which you need to keep in mind is that getting the shutter regularly inspected so that it lasts for a long time. Also, if you feel the working of the shutter is not same then you should call our team of experts to get the Roller Shutter Repair.

    Why regular maintenance is beneficial?

    • When you are checking the shutter it will help to increase the lifetime of the shutter.
    • It is seen that if the company manages the servicing schedule then it helps in knowing about the potential problems which can increase in the future. This way the inconvenience will be reduced and also unfortunate accident will not happen.
    • Day to day inspection will make the shutter to work smoothly and they will become a reliable part of your place.
    • Keep in mind when you buy the shutter from the best company it works in the best manner.

    Often it is seen that our clients call our team who had got their installed 10 years ago or even before that to get the servicing. This is because they get the repairing done on time and it will not cause them any major problems.

    How often servicing should be done?

    Under the Health and Safety Act, there is a requirement to get the servicing of mechanical doors and their parts every 12 months. Also, you should get the proper paperwork done which should be signed by a qualified & fully authorized professional.

    If you have a shutter is light domestic area then servicing is needed after 2 years. But, the shutters which are installed in the car parking area should be inspected every 6 months as they are used more often.

    What does servicing contain?


    If you have any questions and looking to get the best quality Roller shutter repair service in London then contact our team. They will work according to your needs which will give you the desired results.

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