How do you measure for outdoor mount plantation shutters?

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How do you measure for outdoor mount plantation shutters?

How do you measure for outdoor mount plantation shutters?


    Plantation Shutters are the ideal solution when you are concerned about safety and looks of your home. They provide a security blanket along with a host of other advantages. With so many forms of shutters in wooden and faux wooden make, they have become a popular choice. They are simple to operate and child safe. The best people to provide the shutters are undoubtedly ADV (Luton). We are the best team when its roller installation and roller shutter maintenance you are talking about. But prior to the installation, it is important that exact measurements be taken. Trust professionals to arrive at the exact figures but if you want to make it a DIY job, we are there to help you in that case as well.

    How to measure

    Just remember the following tips when you are measuring for plantation shutters-

    1. Ditch the cloth tape as it doesn’t offer the exact measurements. A steel tape is an ideal tape for measuring when a few centimeters could matter a lot. Coming back to the measurements,be sure that you measure up to nearest 1/8 inch. Don’t be worried if the measurements turn out to be uneven as it is very common in case of windows.
    1. Be careful that you don’t mix up the height and width. Clearly mark them or better still, always mention the width first.
    1. Request the company to provide shutters with frames. This will make the mounting easier.
    1. Pick your louver according to the style of door you want. You can choose from 1 7/8,2 ½,3 ½ and 4 and 1/2 inches. While large louvers give you a modern look and an unobstructed view, the smaller louvers give you a traditional look.

    Things required for measurement

    1. Tape for measurement
    2. Stepladder
    3. Pencils
    4. Plantation shutter

    Steps of measurement(inside mount)

    1. Check the depth of the windows before selecting the louver size.
    2. Look around for obstructions like locks, latches, mullions, and window cranks. Accordingly, choose inside mounts which can be selected from a range of choices.
    3. Note down the louver and frame you wish to install.
    4. The squareness of the window needs to be checked next. If the window is out of the square by more than 3/8 inches, it is preferable to get a mount application.
    5. The measurement of the inside width should be done at three locations: top, middle and bottom. Don’t miss out on measuring the opening at the point where the shutter is to be installed.
    6. When measuring the height, measure from the left, right and the center.
    7. If the opening measures up to 60 inches or higher, you will be requiring a divider rail.
    8. While taking measurements for the inside mounts, start measuring from the top of the window to the center of where you would want the divider rail to be installed.

    Steps of measurement(outside mount)

    The same set of principles which were followed for inside mount are to be followed for inside mount. The first step is again to measure the window depth. In the case of the outside mount, the only difference lies in the fact that the frame can be extended by adding suitable depth wherever needed. The rest of the steps are exactly similar to the steps followed in mounting the inside frame.

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