How do the Commercial automatic sliding doors function?

How do the Commercial automatic sliding doors function?

How do the Commercial automatic sliding doors function?


Automatic doors-the gift of science

Automatic doors are a gift from science. They find their use in every kind of premises. Their unique feature of opening and closing automatically whenever someone tries to enter or exit is truly magical. We can see them everywhere-malls,  schools, universities, buildings,  hospitals, operation theaters, pharmacies, and various offices.ADV also specializes in automatic doors in Windsor and it nearby places. We install automatic doors and cater to the service whenever required after installation. If you are looking for automatic doors in London, it is ADV all the way. You can render us for services related to the installation as well as repair. If your requirement is automatic doors repair in London, please get in touch with us.


Types of automatic doors-

An automatic door may be either a swing type or a sliding type. The technology that enables them to open or close automatically is a mechanism which is electro-mechanical in nature. It opens the doors, holds it open for some time and then closes it after some time. While sliding doors are generally used for high-end official buildings and malls, smaller dealers and offices can also opt for them. It is just a matter of preference of the customer.

Activation of the automatic doors

The automatic element on the automatic doors comes due to the sensors installed in them. These may be either optical or motion sensors. They may either be mounted or integrated into the door frame. They may also take their pick from various technologies available-infra red or microwave technology. The presence of sensors allows the users to use it with ease.They may be used by the able-bodied and the disabled to the maximum of their advantage.


The miraculous components

The automatic quality of these doors come from the combination of its components which work in unison. Let’s take a look at the components which make it so unique

An automatic door can be activated in many ways by the following sensors-

  1.  Approach sensor-Radar sensors are such sensors. They are characterized by the feature that the door opens whenever someone approaches it.


  1.  Push Button-The opening of the door is controlled by a button. The door opens when the user presses a button


  1. Access Control-In this case, the door is opened when a code reader is activated by the user. A swipe reader or a remote control may be used for the same purpose. The user is granted permission to cross through the door but the door closes and locks after a pre-determined time. The time is usually defined by the installer.


  1.  Pressure Mats-These mats get sensitized when a person stands on them.This leads to the opening of the doors.


  1. Safety sensors-These sensors get activated when they sense the presence of an obstacle.It enables the doors to reopen if they sense that an obstacle is present. Most automatic doors have sensors which prevent them from coming in contact with pedestrians.


  1. Light Beam Sensors-They are the simplest sensors.The light beam is thrown across the room with the door. An obstacle in the path causes an obstruction and breaks the beam. The presence of a person trying to enter is thus felt. It leads to then the opening of the door.


7. Infrared and Doppler sensors

These are rampantly used in today’s modern automatic doors.


8.Optical sensors-These sensors are wired to the mechanism that controls the cog wheel of the door. The mechanism controls the doors via belts which are connected by rubber cables. The sensors thus control the opening and closing of the doors by setting forth in motion or stopping the wheel.


9.Tracks and Rollers

Some doors might not be connected to the floor at all. Yet they manage to follow the automatic mechanism. Some doors like frameless glass doors are hung from tracks overhead. They just skim over the floor when they operate. They can also be mounted on one side and make contact with the floor only through the Roller Shutter doors and tracks. An example of such a door is the single sliding door Doors may also be framed within metals. In such cases, the tracks and rollers are on both overhead and floor panes.

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