Advantages of glass curtain walls for commercial buildings

Advantages of glass curtain walls for commercial buildings

Advantages of glass curtain walls for commercial buildings


What does the glass curtain walling system mean  for Commercial buildings ?

Curtain wall systems are preferred the world over for protection and security. A curtain wall system is basically a glass wall which can provide stability and insulation at high temperatures. ADV specializes in providing glass curtain walls for buildings. If you wish to know more about curtain walling in London, you must visit our office.

Historical account

If you go down the by lanes of history, you will find that curtain walling is not a new concept. It has been around since quite a few hundred years. They were built around the castles to provide an extra layer of security from the enemies. It also acted as an added layer against the vagaries of nature. The inclement weather failed to influence the inhabitants of the castle due to the presence of curtain walls. In modern times, the same principle has been implemented in high rise buildings. The secret of defence lies in the placement of glass between the external world and the building. The benefits of doing it are numerous and you will realize it only after you have done the needful.

Advantages of Curtain Walls

  1. Protection and structural stability

They provide a significant amount of structural stability as far as tall buildings are concerned. They provide a strong layer of resistance against the sway caused by the winds. It also acts well in the face of geological events like earthquakes etc. The curtain walls put up tough resistance against the strong wind and rain thus minimize the damage caused to the external surface.


  1. Good looks

The curtain walls are instrumental in providing good looks to the building. They come in various eye-catching design which will simply floor the onlookers. ADV provides a curtain walling facility for skyscrapers and other tall buildings.


  1. Insulation

The curtain walls are an excellent measure to take for ensuring optimum insulation. You, your staff and your customers will experience a high degree of insulation from the extreme weather conditions. You will get an assured protection layer against scorching heat and frigid cold. The same goes for extreme winds and rain.


4.Protection from fire

The building will especially be protected from fire with the curtain walling system. They help in discouraging the spread of fire in the high rise buildings.


  1. Increases energy efficiency

With the perfect insulation coming your way, you will not need to burn a hole in your pocket for paying the high electricity bills. The figures in the power bill will automatically go down once you get the insulation benefits of the curtain walling system.

Maintenance for Glass Curtain Walls

Don’t think all the advantage will come without taking pains. You will have to ensure that the curtain walls get the maintenance they need. It is highly recommended that you apply the sealant compounds every 10 years after the initial construction. You must also ensure that the cracks, shipping or any sort of damage are tackled promptly. If you take care of these two things, the curtain walls will continue to serve you in the future with unchanged efficiency while maintaining their glamorous looks. ADV experts provide all the manufacturing, installation and repair services related to curtain walls.

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