Get detailed specification about fire doors and installation guidance

Get detailed specification about fire doors and installation guidance

Get detailed specification about fire doors and installation guidance


Let’s quickly have a look at the importance of having fire doors at our premises, along with the technology available to hold open fire doors both safely and legally.

As we all are aware of fire doors that they are designed to prevent smoke, flames and other toxic gases entering a building, in the course of fire. Building fire doors installation must be self-closing to make sure the door closes to act as a barrier stopping the fire from spreading. Because of the level of protection a fire door provides, the placement and weight of doors are most restrictive, like in a care home setting for residents, or for students at the school.

Why does the need for a fire shutter arise?

Fire shutters help businesses in reducing the consequences of fire to a large extent. They are responsible for compartmentalization, having flames in a specified area and also in reducing dangers brought to both life and property. They help in meeting all demands, connected with commercial risk assessments, and also in reducing insurance premiums, to a large extent. For Fire doors repair in Stratford-upon-Avon, ADV will come to your help.

It is seen in such cases, it becomes necessary to hold fire doors open for practical reasons. The fire door must be equipped with a device installed to release the door so that it will close when activated to fire alarm system.

Hard wired fire door retainers


Hard wired fire door retainers are used all across the globe and are considered best for new buildings as they have a direct wire connection to building’s fire detection system. In normal conditions, power is supplied to door retainers so they can hold the doors in open position. When the fire is detected by fire panel, power is cut releasing the doors so that they can close. Any fault with wiring or power supply to door retainer will cause them to fail safe and also in releasing the doors.

Radio controlled fire door retainers

Radio controlled door retainers are triggered wirelessly by radio waves from a controller connected to existing fire panel or interface unit. As minimal wiring is needed, these are often used for fitting into large buildings, but still, offer high levels of protection. The systems are installed by approved, the trained professional’s as site surveys have to be carried out before installation.

Sound activated fire door retainers


Sound activated fire door retainers react to the noise of fire alarm and many devices can also learn the sound of buildings specific alarm, so they will only release when the alarm sounds. A very cost effective solution as there is no need for wiring.

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