How to detect Misaligned Sensors of your Garage Roller Shutter Doors

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How to detect Misaligned Sensors of your Garage Roller Shutter Doors

How to detect Misaligned Sensors of your Garage Roller Shutter Doors


    Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD 24/7 Maintenance & Repair Services: While we are used to using roller shutters in every building, we overlook the hazards that come with it. If we go by the statistics, we can see that around 13000 accidents occur due to faulty shutters.

    The problems are preventable if the owner has good knowledge of misalignment and automation. You should seek professional service for the door repair but you must also know the exact reason for the damage. ADV provides excellent manufacturing and installation services. Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD leads the nation when it comes to roller shutter repair. The company is in a league of its own. .

    In this post, we aim to give you 3 simple causes of sensor misalignment.

    Travel Door Limit

    The door travel limit is set at the time of installation of the door. The setting defines how the door will close. If the setting is set too high, then the door does not close completely. If the setting is too low, then the garage door will hit the ground while closing. Both situations can hamper the functioning of the door.

    As the sensors work based on the alignment mechanism, the constant banging of the door against the ground will result in the misalignment of the sensors and put a limitation on the efficient functioning of the door. So if your door is suffering from misalignment, then you should check the travel limit settings. You can make the necessary adjustments to set them.

    Dirt in the sensor

    We have already mentioned that the sensors of the automatic door system use an alignment mechanism to function. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that the path between the sensors to be obstacle-free. However, clearing only the path will not be enough. It is equally important to clean the sensor lens. Cleaning the sensor lens only requires cleaning with a cloth and a cleaning solution. It is essential to clean the sensor lens so that there is no interference with the reception of the signal from the remote control.

    Faulty mounting

    The mounting of the doors must be done properly to ensure proper functioning. In case you have done the mounting yourself, there are chances of it getting misaligned. If the mounting is done by the installation expert, then there are fewer chances of having a misalignment. If the fasteners have not been tightened adequately then the mounting will loosen with time and this might result in the dropping of one sensor to a lower height.

    The most suitable way to ensure that there is no misalignment if you are mounting the door sensors is to use a zip tie. Using a zip tie will ensure that the sensors are at the same height. If you are not confident enough, then it is best to seek professional assistance.

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