Garage Doors Repair Services In North London

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Garage Doors Repair Services In North London

Garage Doors Repair Services In North London


    Garage Roller Shutters: Protection With Privacy

    The garage serves as a storehouse to many valuable items and vehicles. It is also an entry point for many homes. But security is often not given the priority it deserves. A small carelessness can lead to the loss of many valuable possessions and of course peace of mind. So it is imperative to look deeply into the security arrangements of the garage door. With ADV around, you don’t have to worry about the installation of garage doors. We cater to installation as well as garage roller shutter repair. We offer aesthetic designs and sturdy body so that you will never risk your security.

    Hidden locks

    Thieves can only target a door if the lock is visible to them. But the garage doors we make give e bypass such vulnerability as the locking mechanism is completely concealed. The target point is conspicuous by its absence. They can be operated by remote control or via mobile phone. They are also equipped with a self-locking and anti-lift mechanism.

    Glued to the ground

    The doors we offer come well equipped with an excellent anti-lift system. It enables the door to effectively strap itself to the ground. Due to this feature, it is absolutely impossible to exert any kind of force from down under.

    Coded operation

    A code which enables opening and shutting operation of the garage roller shutters is another advantage. In the past, a single code was used but these days multi-code system has been incorporated which ensures security as it is impossible to mimic the code which could put a loophole in your security.

    Alarm System

    Many garage doors come with a built-in alarm system which raises a high sound as soon as it senses the application of an unusually excessive force.

    Sturdy channels

    The guide channels are so securely fastened that there is no way that the burglars can enter the house without making noise or taking a whale of the time. We use extruded aluminium channels so that there is absolutely no compromise on the customer’s safety.

    ADV caters to the garage doors repair in North London, so if you are around North London, look us up or call us right away. Garage shutters maintenance is also not a big deal as we believe in providing wholesome services to our esteemed customers. ADV cares for you and your security.

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