Fire roller shutters: What quality test do they undergo to ensure maximum protection from fire?

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Fire roller shutters: What quality test do they undergo to ensure maximum protection from fire?

Fire roller shutters: What quality test do they undergo to ensure maximum protection from fire?


    Fire roller shutter doors need no introduction. They are basically used to ensure protection against fire. They not only serve the main purpose but also enhance the looks of the building as well, it is not a surprise going by the beautiful designs and types of finish they are available in. ADV offers fire roller shutter in London amidst all other types of roller shutters.

    Just in case of fire miss happenings turn out to be unfortunate. The testing methods comply completely with the standards set by the concerned authorities. We would like to enlighten you about the various technical aspects related to the testing methodology followed by ADV.

    The assembled lot

    The testing is carried out on the assembly of components rather than individual components. This is done to ascertain the way the door will behave in a real-life situation when it actually catches fire, though we wish it would never actually happen. So we test the whole assembly as small discrepancies can lead to a huge difference in times of emergency. Consider a door leaf. If the performance of the door leaf has to be checked, it will be tested along with the other elements which are installed with it. So we will test the door frame, smoke seals and the glazing along with it.

    The method of testing

    The door set is tested according to the on-site conditions. It is fixed to a wall which is quite similar to the side wall. One face of the door is exposed to extreme heat conditions akin to the fire situation. Some pressure is also exerted on the door so that no aspect of real fire condition is ignored. Generally, 2 specimens are used as both the sides of the door are tested one by one. For ensuring maximum stability and integrity, a  combustible pad is placed on the side which is unexposed. The time it takes to ignite will point towards the stability of the door in case a fire breaks out.

    The report card

    The fire doors are given a rating according to the results of the testing. The doors which offer 30 minutes,60 minutes,90 minutes and 120 minutes of fire resistance are given different ratings accordingly.

    Further certification

    Very often, a third party is engaged to test and rate the door. Third-Party verification is not mandatory but it is still recommended as it verifies the door’s performance and design according to the standards. It is vital for getting a certification from a third party to show that your door has cleared all the tests right from the manufacturing to the installation stage. The manufacturer is also audited by the third party to make sure that suitable procedures have been undertaken to manufacture a product which conforms to the requisite standards. In short, complete comprehensive testing is done before the doors are supplied to you. After all, they are meant to safeguard your safety in times of emergency. They can’t be taken casually.

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