Fire Roller Shutters Repair & Maintenance in North London

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Fire Roller Shutters Repair & Maintenance in North London

Fire Roller Shutters Repair & Maintenance in North London


    Catch the Trend: Install Fire Shutters

    These are capable of containing and resisting the spread of fire as it has been specially built for the purpose of discouraging fire. They have become essential for business offices and warehouses. The shutters are instrumental in protecting the goods, the building and the employees from the fury of fire. ADV offers installation and fire roller doors repair. If you want roller shutter in North London, just let us know.

    The ultimate Fire deterrent

    Fire Roller Shutters are manufactured in such a way that they offer maximum protection in case a fire breaks out. They can protect from fire for up to 4 hours more than standard roller shutters. They are specially designed to withstand extremely high temperatures for long periods. They can also keep the fire restricted to a certain area for quite a long time. This enables the safeguard of building and employees and deters fire from spreading further. Calamities which can wreak havoc on a large scale can be prevented by these features. Time for evacuation of the building and rendering the fire extinguishers can also be bought during these crucial moments

    The best measure for an emergency

    Investing in fire roller shutters is a sound investment as it guarantees the protection of your employees and precious hard-earned assets. By installing them, you are not only safeguarding your employees and assets but also complying with the safety standards set forth by the government.

    Almost all the businessmen are opting for fire resistant roller shutters to ensure that their valuable assets, as well as employees, are safe in case of any eventuality. A single shutter installation can stall a lot of loss and damage. A person who cares for his employees must get these installed. Our company offers fire roller doors repair in case it is required. It also enables one to seek an insurance claim in case a mishap occurs.

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