Fire doors: What are the different testing methods used to ensure safety?

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Fire doors: What are the different testing methods used to ensure safety?

Fire doors: What are the different testing methods used to ensure safety?


    Buildings are constructed in such a way that they are connected to each other. The protection and security of the building are also very important for the business owner. The fire doors have two main properties.

    • Once you close the door they act as a barrier to prevent the fire from spreading out.
    • Once you open them, they provide a way to escape from the building.

    A well-designed fire door is necessary to protect the building against fire hazard. There are many companies that manufacture the fire roller shutter in London.


    The testing methods are defined in the “BS 476-22”. This tells you how the test is conducted to check ‘how resistant the fire doors and door sets are?’

    The testing methods are applicable to different door assemblies such as frame products, hardware, glazing material, doors, accessories, and components.

    The test methods are also applicable to check every single component such as frame products, doors, hardware, glazing material, light kits, louvers, and other accessories. It is a very important part of testing standards. The fire test also evaluates the ability of door i.e. how well they have been manufactured.

    The doors are put under a specific condition to test the exposure of fire. The testing does not represent that it is suitable for all the conditions. Sometimes the weather may change or the condition may change and due to which the fire doors may control the spread of fire in a different way. If any changes are made after assembling the door then it will surely change its performance and its characteristics. This is because the doors are tested in a specific environment and condition.

    The test does not tell that what is temperature limit that the doors can be exposed to in the fire. Though during the testing, the temperature is measured and recorded. But it doesn’t give the exact limit. It is also not sure how much smoke can pass through the door.

    The testing and standards will not address all the safety measures. The owner should also take necessary preventive measures to ensure security in different situations. Once the doors are exposed to the fire then you should check them whether they are still in an appropriate condition or not.

    Categories of fire doors

    • FD30S

    These fire doors can protect the building for 30 minutes. This has been proved by testing it in different conditions.

    • FD60S

    These fire doors have been tested in different conditions and it proved to protect the building for 60 minutes.

    • FD90S

    The doors have been kept in different conditions to check how well they can control the smoke and for how long. It prevents the fire for 90 minutes.

    • FD120S

    It prevents the fire for 120 minutes after testing it in different situations.

    The difference of preventing the fire in the doors will depend on the thickness of the material.

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