What are the important features of a good quality roller shutter door motor?

What are the important features of a good quality roller shutter door motor?

What are the important features of a good quality roller shutter door motor?


Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD London: With the increase of security methods around the business and home, roller shutters are becoming very popular. Their installation can be done on garage doors, warehouses, commercial doors, and houses.

Well, the shutters are available in different options in the market so it becomes essential to choose the right one. 

Features of good quality motor

  • Easy to install and Increased aestheticsThe shutter motor should be the top quality which includes the paint sprayed on the outside. This paint affects the rust-proof, waterproof, and service life of the motor. Automotive metal paint is costly as compared to normal paint but the luminance lasts for a long time if it does not get scratched and affects its quality.

    At any point, you feel like there is an issue or not sure what the problem is, then seek the help of the professionals for shutter repair and maintenance service right away.

  • Thunder preventionThe shutter motor has a parallel circuit that ensures thunder prevention and it ensures full lifting capacity. The quality motor uses relays and capacity capacitors. Keep in mind, only 2 relays and a small capacity capacitor will not give thunder safety. In this case, they can burn easily and will not lift easily.

    At Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD, the shutter motor has 4 relays and provides safety against thunder along with full lift capacity.

  • Types of shutter door motorThe shutter door motor is of 2 types which include AC and DC.

    The direct current has a battery backup which means if the lights go suddenly, even then the working will not get affected. Along with that, the battery backup is uneven along with the cost.

    In case of power failure, our shutter motor will give around 15 circles of operation and the quality is also stable without frequent issues.

  • Produce less NoiseShutter motor of good quality produce less noise, less power consumption, and ensure stability during the working mechanism.
  • The material of the shutterA good quality motor and coil has 100 percent copper coil. The coil and motor material will determine the life expectancy of the motor. In the market you can get :

    – Aluminum core motor with aluminum core coil

  • Normally, the motor lasts for 2 years. It is possible if you do not keep up with the maintenance then the problem can occur daily.– Copper core motor with copper core coil

    Normally, the motor works for at least 4 to 5 years. During the working process, problems do not occur and it ensures stability. Cost is slightly high but users can save time and reduce the risk factor.

  • High-quality motor accessoriesAccessories are an important part of the shutter so make sure to choose the high-quality material which offers full-thickness, smooth gears, and rust-proof option like steel.


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