Everything about roller shutter maintenance and servicing for compliance

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Everything about roller shutter maintenance and servicing for compliance

Everything about roller shutter maintenance and servicing for compliance


    Why is it important to get roller shutter compliant?

    Hiring the professional for roller shutter installation and roller shutter repair in London will ensure that you get the best quality which ensures increased safety & security. If the roller shutter is compliant it ensures all the safety and health legislation are taken care of which ensures your business runs successfully and safely. With our team, you will have the best quality shutters for your place.

    Roller shutter maintenance and servicing for compliance

    With time, the roller shutter functioning can get affected and it might encounter some faults. Due to this, they are likely to become ineffective or dangerous. This is the main problem with the shutters when they are used constantly or regularly. To deal with this factor, the legislation is taken into consideration. It is the reason the legislation was taken into consideration and why it is necessary to ensure the shutters should comply with them.

    The roller shutters should be as per the standards and the servicing & maintenance should be done from time to time. When you hire the professionals, they will perform all the necessary documentation which ensures the safety is up to the mark, and before anything worse happens, they will get everything corrected. If you are in doubt, what needs to be done then hire the professionals to make the right choice.

    Planned Maintenance

    To prevent accidents, planned maintenance is necessary for the roller shutters.

    Regulation 5 of the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1992

    Under this regulation, the powered shutters and doors need to be in the right state and working. The repair needs to be done from time to time and it would be better to get everything scheduled from the professionals.

    Well! It is not just for keeping it under the legislation but makes sure they are working smoothly and it prevents fire, break-ins, burglary, reduces the noise level, and much more. They will make sure that your place is safe and secure under all factors.

    Roller Shutter Compliance & Responsibility

    Not only you need to carry out the daily maintenance, but all the necessary regulations should be taken into account:

    • Visible operation instructions

    All the necessary instructions need to be visible on the roller shutter to operate them safely. All the necessary instructions need to be mentioned so that everything can be maintained in the right manner.

    • Fire safety

    Fire precautions are another thing that needs to be highlighted on the roller shutters. Doing so will keep them in efficient working order and all the necessary repairs are carried out correctly.

    Who is responsible?

    Under the Provision and Use of work equipment regulations 1998 – Regulation 5 states that the person in charge needs to be careful about the roller shutter maintenance in your premises. If you are in doubt about what to do, then you need to talk to the professionals to make the right decision.

    ADV team will assist you when you should get the maintenance as per the safety regulations. For more information, get in touch with our team.

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