What are the common electric shutter door faults need repair service?

What are the common electric shutter door faults need repair service?

What are the common electric shutter door faults need repair service?


Do you have an electric roller shutter at your premises? If yes, then you need to understand how to maintain them in good condition. This is necessary to reduce the risk of roller shutter door faults because these faults reduce the life of the shutter door too. Well, when you are going to buy the shutter, you have to know everything about the material and everything in detail. Only after that, you can buy the electric shutter doors.

Well, these types of shutters are operated automatically or with the help of electric switch too. You do not need any type of manual force to open or close shutter doors. These shutter doors are too common these days and loved by everyone because these offer many benefits. These offer you-:

  • Added security from harmful things or burglars too.

  • No need for manual force to operate them.

  • These also offer you maximum protection from harsh climate changes.

  • You do not need to clean them regularly and these also do not need Roller shutter repair service too frequent. But if you notice any type of fault, then you need to call professionals to get a repair service.

Let’s try to understand what type of faults need which type of repair service.

  • If you notice your shutter door is not working properly.

  • Your shutter door needs repair service in the case, you feeling difficulty to open or close the doors.

  • In the situation of breakage of shutter or leakage of lubricant.

  • Tracks and railing are not working properly and corners of the shutter door are broken.

Repair service of common faults of the roller shutter door.

  • If your electric roller shutter cannot be operated easily, then you have to check the power failure, tubular motor, and a stuck door. In this situation, you must check the main power as well as the door itself.

  • If you notice the coil and contactor problem, then you have to check the up-down buttons of the shutter. In addition to this, you also need to check the contractor switch and coil. If the fault is too big, then must call professionals, because they can only repair your shutter door effectively. And they will also guide you on how to maintain your shutter door in good condition all the time.

  • If your shutter is broken, then you may need to go with replacement service. In this situation, you have to get help from a professional repair serviceman. Only he can tell you whether your shutter can be repaired or it needs replacement too.

  • You also check the railings and tracks of the shutter door. If they are not working properly, then you have to clean them first and then lubricate tracks and railing for better functioning.

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