Drawing Distinction Between Curtain Wall And Window Wall

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Drawing Distinction Between Curtain Wall And Window Wall

Drawing Distinction Between Curtain Wall And Window Wall


    The modern structures are witnessing huge differences in their outlook. The facades of the buildings, whether, residential or commercial, are made eye captivating. One common way of making the elevation attractive is the usage of glass. Besides, glass serves various functional purposes too. The glass is integrated with the walls and there are numerous methods of doing the same. Among them, the two most popular ones are curtain walls and window walls. Let us, first of all, understand what they are.


    A curtain wall is a thick sheet made up of glass which is surrounded and supported by a metal frame. They are hung from the floor slabs of the building. There are some curtain walls which do not bear any load and thus, they actually hang like a curtain with the building structure.


    The Window wall is also a thick sheet made up of glass with metal frame. It is, however, hung between the concrete floor slabs of the building. They hang like curtain walls too with the structure of the building.


    The following points highlight the major differences between a curtain wall and a window wall

    1. Applicability: the curtain walls are usually installed in the commercial structures and the window walls are used for residential structures mostly.
    2. Cost: the cost of installation of curtain walls is quite high whereas, installing window walls is quite economical.
    3. Mounting: the curtain walls are anchored from the floor slabs of the building while the window walls are anchored between the floor of the building.
    4. Installation: the installation of curtain walls is a tedious process and the work is done on site mostly. On the other hand, the window walls are pre-manufactured and the little alterations which may be required are done on the site itself.
    5. Flexibility: the curtain walls have more flexible set up as they are to be altered as per the site and requirement of the building. In contrast, the window walls come up with a rigid scope, thereby, offering no or little flexibility.
    6. Time consumption: definitely, the installation of curtain walls consumes more time and that of window walls is time-saving.
    7. Uniqueness: as the curtain walls are designed and fitted as per the needs and requirements of the building, they offer a unique design every time. However, the window walls generally have the same pattern and thus, they lack uniqueness.
    8. Benefits: the curtain walls act a resistor to moisture, earthquakes, heat, and wind. In comparison, window walls provide sound resistance.

    To sum up, Curtain walling in London has become quite predominant. The type of curtain walling rests on various factors and the type of building they are used for. The modern architects are very well versed with the adequate curtain walling that is best suited to the structure as per its use and functions and thus, provide for an ideal option for the same. The costs must be compared with different dealers and total reliance on builders or architects is also non-advisable.


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