Double and Triple glazed aluminium windows Advantages

Double and Triple glazed aluminium windows Advantages

Double and Triple glazed aluminium windows Advantages


Aluminum windows on double and triple glazing

Aluminum has made a mark in the roller shutter industry. We have been talking about aluminum doors and frames. We haven’t touched the topic of aluminum windows yet. But they are as worthwhile as other aluminum products. It’s not a surprise as it is one of the most durable material. It also comes with the advantage of being easy to clean. They require low maintenance and thus figure among the most expensive choices. If you take a look at the window market, you will soon find out that these windows are much sought after. They are not only used for commercial purposes but also find application in residential buildings.


  1. Low maintenance
  2. Well suited for any type of building- residential or commercial
  3. Can be shaped into various shapes and configurations
  4. Can be powder coated according to your preference.
  5. They provide good insulation facility which is at par with the insulation provided by PVC and timber.
  6. They are an ideal choice for large glazing units such as shopfronts etc.
  7. Strength and durability
  8. Flush fitted glazing presents an opportunity to suspend the glass pane mechanically but not visibly by a using point locking system. The effect is a glossy and glamorous finish which is the desire of many architects and many state- of the- art buildings.
  9. The high price of these windows is due to the rising price of the raw materials associated with it. As a result, the process of double and triple glazed windows aluminum windows are higher than uPVC and timber windows.

Aluminum windows

Aluminum windows are classified according to the thickness of the frame, stability, and quality. They are also graded according to their thermal and acoustic properties. The thickness is often determined by the thickness of the external frame and the window sash. The window sash is the part which holds the double or triple glazing unit. By increasing the thickness of the framing and the glazing panel, there will be an improvement in the thermal properties of the unit. The thickness may be up to 117mm.

The finish of aluminum windows

ADV supplies aluminum windows in various types of finishes with every possible type of color. You can opt for a variety of finishes like anodized,powder-coated, special coating and décor. The finishes may be available in single sided or double sided version. You also have the option of getting it on the frame or on the frame along with the sash. This flexibility will allow you to have each every window adapted according to the exterior on the interior position of your window. You can also avail a lot of choices according to the frame thickness and type.

ADV and Aluminum

ADV has a strong bond with aluminium and will continue to have one till the end of time. Of course, we continue to remain synonymous with the best roller shutter providers. We know the finer nuances of the roller shutter industry. Our association with the best products and services is a commitment we carry forward with our aluminum products. Given the several advantages and the ease of use in aluminum,we suggest that you use the material for your windows. It will be a lifelong investment which will reap high benefits.

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