Disclosing The Mechanism That Lies Behind The Working Of The Automatic Doors

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Disclosing The Mechanism That Lies Behind The Working Of The Automatic Doors

Disclosing The Mechanism That Lies Behind The Working Of The Automatic Doors


    The automatic doors are real magic in today’s time that they allow free movement of people. As their name suggests, they open automatically whenever a person is around them and is about to move out or in of the premises where they are installed. Is that a magic that these doors open and close themselves or is there any science behind them. Well, the answer to the question is later. There is absolute science behind the functioning of these doors.


    So what is the mechanism that leaves to opening and closing of them automatically? 

    • Pressure sensor: these types of sensors are used for the buildings that have large areas lying at the front and back of the doors. This large area works as the weighing measure. There is a set weight limit. When the weight is more than the set weight limit, the door opens up. The pressure sensor restricts the door from closing if it senses any resistance at the time of closing.
    • Motion detection or optical sensors: these sensors are fixed on the sides of the door. These sense the motion that makes the door open or close.
    • Infrared sensors: infrared technology is used by these doors to sense the opening and closing of the door. The infrared sensors have the inbuilt capacity of detecting any alteration in temperature that arises due to human presence. When the temperature gets warmer than the existing temperature, the door opens.
    • Ultrasonic sensors: there are other types of automatic doors that deploy the technology of ultrasonic waves or microwaves. The sensors produce pulses of ultrasonic waves to identify the presence of an object in the way of the door. With this, the door opens or closes.


    The only concern associated with automatic doors is that there is ultimately usage of technology which is subject to failure. In case of failure, especially at the time of closing, human beings may get harmed or injured. To overcome this, multiple sensors are used for the doors and not just one sensor is used.

    Overall, the automatic doors are a respite in today’s time. The people generally go out alone to buy grocery, do shopping or fetch things of use. They carry bags in their hands and their both the hands are occupied. In such a case, who do they ask to open the door if automatic doors are not there? The automatic doors too have made our shopping experiences thrilling and comfortable without having to worry about opening or closing of the door. We enter the buildings and leave them unconsciously without worrying about opening or closing of the door. They also help to save energy as the passing of inner energy is controlled a lot with these doors. Besides, they also refrain to the external environment to alter the climate or temperature inside. Last but not least, the automatic doors are a boon for the disabled people.

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