What are toughened glass and laminated glass? What makes them different?

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What are toughened glass and laminated glass? What makes them different?

What are toughened glass and laminated glass? What makes them different?


    What is laminated glass?

    Laminated glass is created by combining the shopfronts and there are 2 glass pieces and in-between there is a plastic interlayer. In terms of strength, it is the same as that of ordinary glass. It is manufactured with polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The glass used for this process are:

    • Heat-strengthened glass
    • Toughened glass
    • Patterned glass
    • Annealed glass

    The laminated glass is most commonly used at in-car windscreens and shopfronts. Regardless of the total number of layers, laminated glass is found & these are highly resistant against the impact. Additionally, different layers can be added which makes it used as a bullet-proof option.

    What is toughened glass?

    Toughened glass is an extremely good option in terms of protecting the place or increasing the safety factor. In terms of strength, it is 5x stronger as compared to normal glass. During manufacturing, the toughened glass is heated up to 700 degrees Celsius and its creation will include the following process like radiation, conduction, and convection. The toughened glass is found at phone boxes and bus stops. Moreover, it is also used in those places where it is smashed into small pieces on the floor.

    Additional option: Standard Annealed Glass

    It is another type of glass that you will have on the window where safety glazing is not needed. Moreover, if someone tries to break it the result will be jagged pieces. If you have selected this type of glass, then it would be impossible for the intruders to enter the place.

    What makes laminated glass and toughened glass different from each other?

    Although both of the options are considered safety glass, their manufacturing process makes them different from each other.

    • For laminated glass, 2 layers of thin glass are separated from each other by the vinyl material.
    • For toughened glass, heat and chemical treatment are used which results in stress and due to that, the glass will shatter into small pieces.

    Laminated glass or Toughened glass: Which is considered best for the commercial property?

    • Commercial property requirements are almost the same as residential property. Although, before the installation starts in the commercial premises, make sure to go through the regulations in your area. If you are not sure then take assistance from the professionals.
    • Understand that there are certain regulations and building codes that are important to be fulfilled. Like for the stairs, safety glass should be used in the construction. It is beneficial in terms of durability, strength, and reduces the risk of shattering.
    • If you have a shop, then reduce the chances of theft by installing the laminated glass in your store premises. This way, your place will become more secure.
    • In case you have a larger building, then toughened glass is the reliable solution. Not only, it is best in terms of safety but it reduces the noise level.

    Why is it important to understand laminated and toughened glass?

    As per the current statistics, there has been a rise in burglary attempts. To protect the place, you should opt for the toughened glass. As the provider of different types of glass and roller shutters, we must inform the customers about which safety glass is best for their place. 

    If you are looking for the best choice but confused about which one to opt for, then get in touch with our team today only. We offer you nothing but the best in terms of quality and everything is available at the best price.

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