Which components are included in determining the cost of the Roller shutter?

Which components are included in determining the cost of the Roller shutter?

Which components are included in determining the cost of the Roller shutter?


Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD – Cost of the Roller shutter: Roller shutters are the best option available in the market for security and safety purpose. While choosing the shutter you should keep in mind the cost as investing in this option is best for you. The total cost of the shutter is going to depend on different factors like shutters size, type, type of motor, durability, and material.

What all is included in shutter pricing?

Well, there are 18 different components which are included in the roller shutter. All these components are the major parts of the shutter.

  • Top cover

The top cover is essential in protecting the back and top of the shutter. It also helps in keeping it closed. This is the back half of the pelmet.

  • Pelmet End Caps

To keep the motor and axle in place the pelmet end caps are helpful and also complete the pelmet.

  • Front Cover

All the interior parts and motor is covered with a rounded section of the pelmet.

In case, if you want to get the roller shutter repair then you should contact our team and they will guide you about the procedure.

  • Motor Mounts

The motor will attach itself properly with the end caps.

  • Protective Side Plates

Your repair bills will be reduced by this part and these plates also help in preventing the shutter from getting jammed.

  • Axle

The axle helps in securing the shutter which is around 56mm*2.1mm. Also, it does not affect the operation of the motor.

  • Rubber Rings

This ring helps in protecting the shutter from damage and also helps in preventing to make it contact with the axle.

  • Foam Pad shutter Springs

Preventing contact from metal to metal will extend the life of the shutters. Also, they will close properly.

  • Shutter Guides

With the help of a guide, the shutter gets back to its position properly which is the track and they will also shut down properly.

  • Heavy Duty Idle Shutter

The large shutter is the best option available which do not flex and they are working mechanism is also very easy.

  • Retaining Clips

It helps in protecting the foam insulation and also the end caps of the profile.

  • V-Locks

The bottom rail of the shutter is protected with this.

  • Bottom Rail

It is essential that rail should be strengthened as it is an essential part of security.

  • Shutter Stops

It is essential that the shutters should be closed properly and this is where the shutter stops are important.

For further query or information, you can contact our team and they will let you know more about the roller shutter.

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