Are you wondering about the common faults found in the roller shutter?

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Are you wondering about the common faults found in the roller shutter?

Are you wondering about the common faults found in the roller shutter?


    Roller shutters, peculiarly old shutters cause problems of operation, wear and tear, motor failure and so on. If you observe any damage or fault in shutter then you must get it repaired by a professional roller Shutter Repair technician. 

    • Power Source:

    The first and foremost thing is to keep a check on the power source because power source loss stops the operation of the roller shutter. You should check the control panels fuse and the main breaker board. If the power source is broken down then a battery backup will help you in operating the things temporarily by giving access from the shutter door. You should have a timely check on the control panels and breaker board, if you notice any minor fault then you should get it repaired immediately.

    • Sensor failure:

    Sensor failure is one of the predominant faults observed in the digital roller shutters. When your remote or the screen touch of the electric roller shutter is not working, it may be due to water get inside it. Then you should replace it timely as it must hamper the complete operation of the roller shutters.

    • Motor failure:

    It is one of the common mistakes found in the electric roller shutter. If you observe any kind of noise coming from the motor then you should not overlook this issue as it completely stops the operation of the roller shutter and it consumes a lot of money to repair it. To prevent this fault, regular servicing is necessary the dirt which is inside the motor gets removed and performs operation smoothly. If you found any fault again after timely servicing then you should change it on time.

    • The collapse of the plastic electric roller shutter door:

    The collapsed steel of an electric roller shutter is based on the steel lining. The strengths and weaknesses of the steel lining have a direct impact on the electric roller door quality. One of the predominant reasons for the collapse is when electric shutter door repair manufacturers do not install the shutters properly.

    • Code Clashing:

    If your neighbors also installed the electric roller shutters and the password of both houses is the same co-incidentally then the problem of code clashing occurs. Both the house owners are not able to enter in their house. So you should call window professionals to curb your problem. Once it is curbed, then you can insert a new code, which should be strong and unique also.

    • Roller Shutters Are Sticking:

    If you observe dirt in the tracks of the roller shutter then it makes the shutter irregular and slows the operation or completely stops the door from running. You should fix this problem with the help of using a stiff brush for cleaning the dirt from the tracks. 

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